Mass Email Marketing

Email marketing is a user-friendly and cost-effective form of digital marketing. It allows business to communicate with customers directly. Quality bulk marketing campaign can generate both sales and brand-awareness.

It’s also an effective way to keep your customers informed about your news and promotions you are running.

93% of customers check their email daily. That’s why mass email marketing allows you to reach a great amount of users even if they are not on the social media. Moreover, 77% of adult online users say that email marketing is their favorite marketing method.

Another benefit of mass email marketing campaigns is that it’s easy to check your Returns on investments (ROI).

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Everything tracks with the use of email marketing software so you can determine who’s opening your emails, who`s clicking onto your landing page and etc.

ROI is usually high, cause you don’t spend much money and send messages to the correct audience, which gave you a permission to do that by providing their email addresses.

What are The Benefits of Email Marketing?

Bulk email marketing has a lot of benefits.

Cost Effectiveness

How long do the posts and statuses on Facebook and Twitter lasts? They maybe there for a long but they get are seen only for a short period, especially if they don’t go viral. The posts remain there but almost immediately hidden under another one`s. On the other hand, if you send your messages to targeted audience by email sender, they are going to remain in the recipients inbox for longer time.

How much does it cost to send a campaign? Running an email campaign, even through a special bulk email service, will cost you an insignificant amount. This the reason why internet marketing mass email campaigns has one of the highest ROI.

Direct and Global Communication With Customers

Business use bulk email marketing as an effective advertising tool. Email takes a less time to create and send comparing with other marketing channels. It allows marketers to reach their audience directly in one click. Email marketing gives a possibility to stay always connected. Your subscribers receive their posts every time, that’s why they are always informed. Moreover, email has no geographical boundaries. So you can reach anyone in any point of the world by using mass email marketing tools.

Easy Creation

Email marketing isn’t require a huge team to create content or to send it across. Most of them use plain texts to create successful campaign, recommending that the content matters.

But there also a lot of services and templates where different fancy templates can be added.

Mass Sending

Bulk email marketing is one of the key features used by marketers. They easily send mass emails to a bunch of people in one click. The same pitch deck could be sent to all existing and potential clients within a seconds by using mass email option.

Mobile Friendly

The number of customers using mobile devices grows with high progression. Due to ExactTarget reports 5 billion of people will be using mobile phones till the middle of 2020. 91% of mobile users access to their emails by using smartphones, 78% of them uses smartphone for social networking. Not using email as a part of internet mass marketing strategy means that you are missing a huge channel which is used by the world`s majority.

Action Oriented

Email is transactional service. You can use it to direct traffic to your website. All you need is to add a link and call-to-action text. And see the result.

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How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

Creation of an effective Internet marketing email campaign is not an easy process. Here we collected some tips which will help you.

Write Strong and Catchy Subject Line

If you really want to attract your subscribers here some useful tips that will help you to write a subject line. Just remember that you need to use special key-words, simple phrases to engage your subscribers.

  1. Make it short, cause people are too lazy to read.
  2. It has to be catchy, in case no one will open your campaign. Make it really attractive.
  3. Tell them what’s inside. Phrases like “check our new product” or “make your life bright with our flight” will make your email marketing campaign intriguing.

Use Your Product’s Benefits

Don’t just talk about the features that you are offering – clearly explain why person needs this product. What problems and pains will be solved by using your product. How it will change their lives. Determine the benefits of your offer and promote them in your message.

Tell About Your Weaknesses

Don’t tell people that your product is the best in the world. Tell them how it’s trying to be. Write about the features that you are going to provide next. Make the best of all that you have and don’t.

Write a Story

Storytelling is one of the most powerful element of a strong copywriting toolset. Tell the story which is worth to believe in.

Know Your Audience

If you wanna make a strongly effective internet email marketing campaign you need to study your audience. Make research. See what is the most important things of your customers life. Make your email marketing messages personalized and conversational. Write in a language using style and words your audience related with.

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How to Make an Email Marketing Campaign?

Make an Email List

To be sure that you’ll reach your targeted audience make your email list. Just upload your data in any convenient way.

Use a Reputable Bulk Email Service or Software

If you send too many emails at once, the qualitative email system will freeze you out. Such features protect subscribers from receiving spam. That’s why you need to use high-reputed internet email marketing services or software, for example, such as Atomic Mail Sender. You can get free trial version or buy a software once to make all your campaigns work. You pay once and use it every time you need.

Choose the Right Send Time

Choose the right time to make your bulk email internet marketing work. By choosing the right time you’ll make a good conversion. Most email marketing software platforms will help you figure out which time is the best to send out emails. Early mornings, when people go to work or the lunch-time when they wanna have a little rest.

Personalize Your Messages

Marketing emails must be personalized. It doesn’t mean that you have to send an individual text to every customer. That means, that you need to use your data to create personalized message.

Don’t write “Dear customer”, write “Dear John”, cause email subject lines that are personalized with a recipient’s first name can increase open rates by 16% higher open rates.

Email marketing appears to be as over spammy or promotional — especially when marketers try to ask for too much from their recipients. Good email marketing ultimately comes down to providing values to your audience. Each mail you send should have something in it for them. Whether it’s a helpful information about your industry, operational messages about service or marketing messages about the products you offer, every email needs to provide some sort of positive aspect for the reader. Otherwise, that message is just going to end up as a trash.