Why I Need to Check Email Addresses before Sending an Email Campaign?

There are times when you are not satisfied with the results of email marketing. Then look carefully at your mailing lists. We believe that each one of your recipients has actually subscribed to your mailing list, and always reads your emails. But the question is, how long has it been since you last checked your database for the presence of invalid email addresses?

Even if the client previously subscribed to your list, in the meantime, he might have decided to get a new email and get rid of the previous one – mailings sent to him are simply a waste of effort.

How do you sort through non-existent addresses? How do you avoid sending your messages nowhere and wasting your time and money?

Verifier is a tool that was designed specifically to filter client databases and to identify invalid email addresses.

  • 3 verification levels
    The program validates the domain, confirms existence of the specific email address on the server, and whether its format follows the rules of standard Internet mail systems.
  • Verification via Facebook
    Using just your client’s email address, Verifier is able to check whether they have a Facebook account. As a result, you will gain access to all the data from the client’s personal page that are available to the program.
  • Stand-alone operation mode
    Simply upload the address lists into the program, click “Check” – and you can go on with your day. Verifier no longer requires your participation and will carefully analyze email addresses, presenting, as a result, the status of each address (whether the mailbox exists, is it correct, and so on).

All of our programs can be combined easily, which means that you can transfer data from one program to another without any unnecessary upload and download processes.

For example, you can open the Verifier, upload a list of addresses, check them and transfer all existing contacts to the Mailer in order to create a mailing list with just a push of a button.

Many of our clients have already agreed that preliminary examination of a client database means:

  • Saving time and money by not having to send emails to nonexistent addresses
  • Sorting the test results when exporting to excel and other formats
  • Protecting from getting blacklisted due to a large number of delivery errors

Download the demo version of Verifier today and enjoy all of the features that the program has to offer hands-on.

i am very glad that atompark has an employee like Dmitri..i was having trouble signing into atompark mailer and came to find out that my registration has expired. he was very helpful in helping me straighten out my mes i made..( it wasn't atomparks fault ) after sharing my screen with me he took care of my problem. not to many costumer services go the extra mile like he did. im ready to start sending out emails...whoo hoo. thank you atompark and Dmitry. william aka eazyrider Read more »
bid66 inc.
… I am so impressed by this new program that I have put free links on to my website. …This version 3.0 works 100% and I can recommend it to other people in South Africa !... Read more »
Johann Botha
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