Let’s touch on the subject of SMTP servers. First recap what an SMTP server is and why programs need it in order to distribute emails.

The SMTP server is directly responsible for sending out your mail.

Desktop applications require SMTP servers in order to be able to send the emails that you created.

You can send an unlimited number of emails through an SMTP server, however, some providers place limits on the number of emails per minute / hour / day in order to protect recipients from a ton of unwanted emails.

This is also true for email distribution software where users, having chosen an SMTP provider, need to customize their SMTP server themselves.

The way online mail distribution services operate is a little different. They generally have their own SMTP server (most probably more than one!), which they use to send out user emails. Considering that they are not restricted in sending out any number of emails, the administration of such online service is free to decide how many emails their clients can send for free and when is the time to start charging them additionally.

Since Atomic Mail Sender is a program created to distribute emails, you need an SMTP server to send your mail.

In order to facilitate the search of SMTP servers for our clients who use our software, we have partnered up with SMTP providers that we trust. You can connect to their SMTP servers through the “Master SMTP” menu, by selecting the “Use an SMTP from our partner”.

Alternatively, you can connect multiple SMTP servers, including some free ones. Don’t know where to find SMTP servers? Have a look at Atomic Mail Sender documentation.


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