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AtomicMail Verifier

Increase email servers confidence to your messages

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Ensure you have authentic leads

Atomic Mail Verifier provides three-step verification, that allows you to weed out the maximum number of nonexistent email addresses
Syntax check
The program removes emails with typos like «kate!@$aol,com». Only right emails will be in your list. Read about other useful features.
Domain check
Checking the domain existence provides base with valid email addresses.
Email address check
Making a request to the server Atomic Email Verifier determines with great accuracy the validity of emails.

Stop paying extra charges for the bulk email service

Mass email verifier no longer requires your participation. It analyzes each email and determines the status of the address (whether the mailbox exists, is it correct, etc).

No longer problems with hard bounces!

Get the fastest way to decrease email Bounce Rate

Why choose Atomic Email Verifier

Absolutely love it! Brilliant tool for marketers like me. Tried different other ones - lots of problems, bugs, incorrect harvesting, constant blockages by servers. Atomic Lead Extractor is well programmed and it gets what you really need. Definitely recommend it!
Abramov Semen
Director of Developmen
Wow its a great software. Work like magic! I love it.
Sergiy Novikov
Lead Generation Specialist
I purchased both Hunter and Verifier yesterday. I am very pleased with both products. They are much better than similar products, for example Fast Email Extractor. Your programmer has obviously been working very hard to get the bugs out of the last few versions. If you google Winston Steward, you'll see that I'm an author of end-user computer books...
Yuriy Konstantinov
Digital marketer

Make your mailing list completely deliverable

Quick Result with the Best Email Validation Software

For building up a great email marketing strategy, you should provide a liquid email database. To check if an email is valid and ready for receiving your propositions, choose the top quality software for quick improving email deliverability and optimization of your email processing.

How to validate email

In order to improve effectiveness of verification and organize effective email address confirmation and optimize your further email processing, apply our validator and set up a verification of email address in five steps:

  • upload the list of addresses into the program
  • click «Check»
  • verify that these addresses exist and are able to receive mails
  • update & save them or
  • create a new database of valid emails only.

Double opt-in may also be a great way to validate email addresses. Atomic products provide variety of mail verification options.

If your customers choose to sign up for your email list or newsletter, you may easily email them that requests them to validate it by their responds. Despite the fact that many people don't like this option, considering it to be inconvenient for them; double opt-in remains one of the sure ways to check the emails too.

However, the best mass email service solutions are a better way to optimize your interaction with the customers, increase your overall opt-in rates & get detailed responses without ever sending extra messages, etc.

Popular features of Atompark’s email checker tool

Mass email verifier no longer requires your participation. It analyzes each email and determines the status of the address (whether the mailbox exists, is it correct, and so on).
Validate a mailing address with our Email Verifier software and send your marketing campaigns having a peace of mind that you communicate with actual users. Clear your mailing lists from the invalid contacts. Make it easily become a good business solution.

Here is a list of what email checker tool can do for you:

  • Identification of wrong email formats
  • Accurate status of every single email domain
  • Test email address for bounce
  • Report whether email active or not
  • Save valid email lists into the database
  • Verify millions of email addresses really quickly
  • Customize your campaigns by selecting standard /advanced validation
  • Apply a free trial to make sure that our software will do all to provide you with clean email database
  • Email availability check runs fast, safe & brings real results.

Moreover, every Atomic email checker tool user may apply a сellphone carrier lookup option to scale the email listings and open up new campaign horizons. For more information, you may always require an awesome technical support 24/7.

Email address validator from AtomPark is a complex and easy-to-use email processing solutions that is designed for both professionals and beginners. It is supplied with the popular features that make it nearly the most sought after solution on the market.

Latest update will make your work even easier

Atomic Email Verifier 10.01
  • Added the "Keep the MX record" checkbox to the Export wizard

  • Software installer refactoring
  • Email addressees import optimization
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Get in touch with people you have verified!

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You might be wondering

Reasons to use Atomic Bulk Emails Verifier
Verifying existence of the email addresses in your list is one of the most important tasks for effective email marketing process. It helps to manage an efficient marketing campaign and saves you from paying extra charges for the bulk email service.

Email verifier helps you to avoid sending campaigns to non-existent email addresses. So, if you have thousands of emails in your list, email verification tools will get the fastest way to improve email list deliverability. Another good reason to use email verification service is to ensure you have an authentic leads.

The email validation tool verifies emails in three steps. This allows you to check addresses quickly and efficiently. The validation process is performed in multithread mode, using all the benefits of the Web.
Why email verification is really important?
Most of the web-sites have their own web forms which users/customers needs to fill in. During this fill up processes users may, intentionally and exidently, enter wrong email addresses. By accepting them, your email list will be flooded with inaccurate and undeliverable email addresses. If you send email to such addresses the ratio of bounce back email will be higher. This will be negatively affect your mail server reputation. A poor reputation of your mail server IP address will result in blacklisting by popular email services. That’s why identification and removal of invalid email addresses are essential when you planning your marketing campaign.

By verifying email lists and checking delivering reports you improve a lot of options:

  • Open Rates
  • Bounce Rates
  • Click-through Rates
  • Conversion Rates

So as you can see email verification is really win-win process.
What emails should be verified?
Every email address and email list should be verified. The more often you verify your existing lists the better, and always verify your new email lists. Some people verify only new lists, or emails which were generated from untrusted sources, which is good, of course, but does not eliminate the risk completely. You should always verify new email lists, even those bought or generated from highly trusted sources. You should validate your existing email lists from time to time to make sure that it’s active.

Email verification is a must-have process if you wanna build truly effective campaigns.

Add our platform to your website and implement it to your data as soon as possible and test all the pros and cons by itself! See how many invalid email addresses we identify and how many complainers we flag by email verification checking.
Do the reports and statistics to be sure that your marketing campaign truly worth it! The best part is that system goes with it’s simple integration cost.
No extra/hidden payments!

Get a free trial now!

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