Validate Your Email Address List or Stop Sending Newsletters Immediately

An email address is probably the most important piece of information you get from your subscribers and customers. Marketing specialists place greater focus on it over the last years, use double opt-in and add unsubscribe link into newsletters. However, do they do their best?
When you collect customers’ email addresses this doesn’t mean you’ve got a mailing list at once. The majority of email campaigns fails happened because of poor database quality. The easiest way to deal with the problem is to take advantage of Atomic Mail Verifier, or any other email verification tool that can:

  • Find out invalid email addresses
  • Correct syntax mistakes
  • Highlight the nonexistent contacts

Pay much attention that using an unverified mailing list leads to a risk of being blocked by ISPs, blacklisted, being labeled as a spammer, etc. As a result, the clients won’t get your emails, your business lost profit, your sender score suffers.

Nevertheless, the process of checking the email address should be done wisely. Look through 5 mistakes people usually do while validating for you can avoid them.

time-iconMistake 1. Irregular Email Address Verification

Change is all around us. New subscribers add their email addresses into email database, some clients unsubscribe from receiving newsletters, some have their inbox full or simply delete mail account. Make it a rule to run email addresses validation check, for example, twice a month. In such a way, you will always get a high-quality email addresses list you can use for your needs.

Icone attentionMistake 2. Unsafe Email Address Validation Tool

Today you are able to choose among various types of online and desktop email verifiers. The most important thing you must be sure – your email database won’t be stolen. Take the time to read users comments and ask your friends for advice. Then choose the certified developer you trust, try the free trial version before buying the validation tool, check if they have a customer support help.

deleteMistake 3. Syntax Email Validation Only

Lots of programs and services judge about the email address validity by the presence or absence of @ symbol. This is only the one step of email validation.

High-quality Email Verifier will check the domain exists, the email syntax and the mail account existence. After such a deep three-step verification, you can be sure you’ve got a list of good and valid email addresses.

listMistake 4. Not Deleting Bad Addresses

The logical chains are:

  1. you use the program to check email addresses validity;
  2. you need to know about addresses existence to send mailings inbox and to contact customers;
  3. you eliminate invalid contacts from the list and keep a high sender reputation.

The better email address list you have, the higher profit you get. Remember about regular emails verification and always find time for deleting bad contacts from your list.

lockMistake 5. Ignore Checking the Validity of Email Addresses

This last mistake is the most painful for any business if it happens. Poor quality data can cause great damage sooner or later. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today – verify! Checking the email address validity is the ground rule of efficient email marketing.

The Example of Email Validator Work Illustrated by Atomic Mail Verifier

We advise you to choose a desktop software to ensure email database safety and to get features flexibility.

Atomic Mail Verifier is a user-friendly and easy-to-work tool you’ll never give up after trying a trial.

  1. Launch the program.
  2. Load your email address list.
  3. Click the button to start the verification.

That’s all.

Email validator checks email addresses

There were 5 most common mistakes users do when plan and start checking database. More information about email address validation rules you can find at our website.

Download a free trial of Atomic Mail Verifier and keep your email address lists clean.

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