Atomic Mail Verifier

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Sending email campaign after verification

Periodically checking your email addresses is a very useful practice.  How many invalid contacts have you dropped out of your customer database already?

When developing Atomic programs, we focus on maximum automation of all processes. We think you have already noticed how easy it was working with the Verifier.

The same exact principles stand behind the program we made to help send out emails – the Atomic Mail Sender.

  • Simplycreate messages
  • Simply send them to your customers
  • Simply monitor the effectiveness of your email distribution

With this program you can share news with each of your customers, and, for as long as your company exists, you can do that absolutely for free. Our program does not have an expiration date.

Mail Sender includes ready-made templates (you can find them in New -> New from templates). They contain all the required elements of an email letter, as well as variations depending on your email content.

The program does not care where the downloaded list came from. And, while sending emails to friends, customers, partners, or simply interested consumers, it also helps you grow your business, attract new customers and repeat sales.

In order to increase the deliverability percentage of your emails, we have made agreements with SMTP-providers that we trust. And, when configuring an external SMTP server, you can simply choose a partner SMTP server for even more successful mailings.

Download the demo version of the Atomic Mail Sender today. Email marketing can be an affordable, simple and effective.

Very nice Software and also very good Support Team. Thankyou for Giving me a Lovely Software. Read more »
Himanshu Arora
Ayon Group
I've been using the trial version and I can't wait to have the full version. It exceeds my expectation and I am happy to use it. Read more »
Passion Connection LTD.
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