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While continuing talking about different instruments for bulk SMS sending, today we will overview Eztexting. This is an app for keeping in touch with clients with the help of mobile messages. Let’s compare it with the Atomic SMS Sender. Read further, and you will see all the features, pros and cons of both Eztexting app and Atomic SMS Sender. After reading of this article, it will be easier for you to decide which one to choose.

Imagine you are in the supermarket with a burning desire to drink orange juice. There are so many packs of juice before your eyes. They have different prices, designs, compositions. What is worthy to be chosen? That is the question. So, you stay under the shelf, the thirst is increasing and nobody helps you with the choice. As a result, you are disappointed with untasty juice.

The same situation with SMS services. If nobody gives a detailed explanation about one`s features you may buy first and be upset due to its work.

It would be nice to have a pocket consultant that knows everything about existing tools for sending mass text messages. Today we are your adviser, which helps to decide what text tool is the best for your business.

We`ll talk about two popular services: Ez Texting and Atomic SMS Sender.

The statistic says:

  • text messages have a 209% higher response rate than a phone, email, or Facebook;
  • 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes;
  • 75% of consumers are OK with receiving SMS from brands (after they’ve opted-in).

That’s why SMS marketing is popular and effective for business.

What is Ez Texting and Atomic SMS Sender

There are bulk SMS services. Eztexting was founded in 2006. Atomic Mail Sender is an elder, it was created in 2001.

They are quite similar but have some specifics. Let’s consider their features more detailed.

Ez Texting and Atomic SMS Sender features

  1. Contact list

Starting the bulk SMS sending you should have a list of phone numbers of those people you want to reach. Some marketers have such a list before buying the SMS service subscription, others don’t. There are two possible variants to solve this situation:

  • Collect phone numbers fromwebsitesEz Texting has function acquiring contacts. You may use keywords to collect them. For example, the “SUBSCRIBE” keyword.

    eztexting pic 1

    The client sends a message with this text. In response, he will get a personal discount or something else. You get new contact in the list.

The count of keywords depends on the tariff that you will choose.

Using Atomic SMS Sender you can get an extra program Atomic Lead Extractor. It has a wide range of plugins that collect phone numbers from:

  • websites
  • Skype
  • MSN Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger

Furthermore, the Atomic Lead Extractor can find contacts by the keywords. It visits websites and scans them for the contact information that you need. You can choose the pages where the program will work. For example, you need information only from home pages. It is a simple task for the Atomic Lead Extractor.

ez texting pic 1

Atomic Lead Extractor costs $79.85 and allows unlimited possibilities for building a contact list.

  • Collect phone numbers using a subscription formThe advantage of this variant is the opt-in opportunity. It increases customers’ and mobile providers’ loyalty to your brand.

Both services allow creating a signup form:

  • Ez Texting has a signup widget. You can place it on a website or send it via email. If you have a Facebook page, it’s possible to add a signup widget on the page too. Furthermore, Ez Texting has integration with Twitter. Buying the keyword you can tweet it in the call-to-action message that offers followers to join your marketing list by sending this keyword on a short number.
  • Using Atomic SMS Sender you can create a subscription form in about a minute. This function is free. Besides, there is one more nice bonus. Your clients can choose the most appropriate time for getting texting from your company.

This option gives some positive moments. The SMS won’t annoy the customer and the Open Rate will increase.

2. Designing the mass texting campaign content

  • Sender ID. With Atomic SMS Service you can send a text using the alphanumeric name. You just need to register it according to the mobile provider’s rules. Also, you can set a separate ID for every SMS campaign.
  • Personalization. It is so important for both sides. The loyalty to your brand will increase because every client feels that he is special for your company.Both services allow sending personalized messages. You can add first and second name, date of birth, promotional code number or some other info.
  • Text`s and sending`s features. Using Ez Texting you can make drip campaigns, for example, once a week, once or twice a month or send recurring texts. Also, there are some message templates.Atomic SMS Sender has approximately 15 categories of templates on different tastes and occasions. It is possible to create a unique template.As for sending, Atomic SMS Sender has a schedule function. It means that you can establish the time of sending beforehand. It is good for reminders. For example, you need to remind customers about the webinar an hour before the start.Sometimes you need to add a link to the message, but it is too long and eats characters count. Also, such SMS looks unprofessionally. There is possible to solve it. Ez Texting has the function of the link shortener.

Using Atomic SMS Sender you can shorten the link with any free services, for example, Bitly. It is easy to use.

3. Testing the delivery quality

Before using the service for mass texting you should test the delivery rate of the offered routes. Both instruments allow to test it.

To start testing you should sign up or log in to Then you have a 14 days trial period.

Atomic SMS Sender gives 10 free messages without limits on time. To send free text messages whenever you want you should just register in Member Area.

After testing the quality of services you may start bulk SMS campaign. Choosing Atomic SMS Sender as well as Ez Texting you’ll get a detailed report of the campaign’s effectivity. Each of them shows you the price, delivery status, sending time and other important information. It helps to see the flaws and improve the future campaign.

Possible countries for mass texting campaign

Choosing the service you should be attentive to what countries it can send messages.

Ex texting allows sending SMS in Canada and the USA, whereas Atomic SMS Sender ー all over the world.

Ez Texting App and Atomic SMS Sender Software

It would be strange if such popular services don’t please their clients with some special features. Both Atomic SMS Sender and EZ texting has something to impress.

  • Ez texting prepares an App for iOs owners. You can manage the Ez Texting account from the iPhone. Increase your productivity and use the iOS app on the go. Check your inbox, manage lists, sync and edit your contacts.
  • Atomic SMS Sender has Software for Windows.

With this program, you can send SMS, easily check the balance and start a mass texting campaign when you start Windows. Also, you can copy and carry the distribution SMS sender software on any other computer. Install Atomic SMS Software and control your bulk SMS campaign from any gadget for free. You pay only for sending text messages.

Eztexting and Atomic SMS Sender pricing

Eztexting pricing depends on the tariff you choose. There are three variants:

  • Plus:
    • 1000 Messages
    • 1 Custom Keyword
    • MMS enabled

Price: $49 per month.

  • Select:
    • 2000 Messages
    • 2 Custom Keywords
    • MMS enabled

Price: $94 per month.

  • Elite:
    • 3300 Messages
    • 3 Custom Keywords
    • MMS enabled

Price: $149 per month.

It can happen that you have bought, for example, plus tariff, but you need extra messages or keyword. You may get it: one extra message costs 4.5 cents and one extra keyword costs $25 per month.

The price of text messages in Atomic SMS Sender depends on the country where you will send it and on the sending channel.

For example, for the USA price is from $0.022/message to $0.031/message. More detailed tariffs you can see on our website.

Eztexting and Atomic SMS Sender reviews

Eztexting reviews

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Atomic SMS Sender

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Bulk SMS is an effective solution for business, that’s why there are so many different services. They have specific features, price, design. It is difficult to decide which one is better for you. We believe that with the help of our article it will be easier for you to make a choice.

I had tried a few different mass sms services before i found Atomic SMS Sender, i found it easy to use, it worked perfectly and got the job done quickly at a great price compared to others i have used, so i would definitely recommend this service Read more »
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i am grateful for this development and i recommend you so much. Keep it up Read more »
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