Viber Bulk Message Sender

The popularity of Viber as a useful marketing tool is growing rapidly. Around 754 million people use the Internet-messenger Viber all over the word as per Sigma. Today, it is among the most popular messengers. With its help, brand & user management is easier and more efficient than ever before. Send bulk SMS via Viber with AtomPark.

Why Viber messaging?

Like any channel, Viber has its own characteristics, and the benefits include the following:

  • As an alternative bulk SMS-mailing channel for business.

  • It provides the ability to publish content in different formats ㅡ audio and photo, stickers, links, clickable pictures, CTA buttons, and other attached materials.

  • It provides you with access to the company's management of business correspondence.

  • It allows you to quickly inform employees and sellers about the updates ㅡ a new product, a promotion, previously unknown product benefits, etc.

  • To engage users by serving ads in their familiar environment.

  • Increase click-through-rate: just one click from the chat list.

  • As a support/troubleshooting tool.

  • Take advantage of the seasonal attendance increase during holidays and other events, etc.

Whether you send promotional emails, trigger messages, or transactional notifications, their format and communication speed allow subscribers to react quickly. So, engage your users via Viber bulk SMS in multiple ways as it offers quick and high-quality communication with users.

To succeed with your marketing messages, let’s check how it works & what options you may choose for greater messaging campaigns.

How it works:

  • You add any sender ID to your campaign.

  • Add the recipient's name and other personal data to each SMS: your name or company's name, date of birth, discount code, and other.

  • Schedule your Bulk SMS messaging for a particular time and date.

  • Launch your messaging campaign right away!

How to Use Viber Bulk Sender?

If you decide to organize effective messaging campaigns & get more engagements in your business via various content: video or audio voice messages, stickers, GIFs, and more, you need one of the best Viber messaging programs to start & send messages via the direct Viber channel, so they do not get into spam and reach the recipients.

Let’s see how you can set up Viber messaging in a couple of easy steps.

1. Create messages

To create a list for bulk messaging:

  1. Open the chat screen to tap on the new message button
  2. Tap on a Broadcast list at the top of the screen
  3. Select the contacts
  4. Tap Done to create the broadcast list

This list is saved so that you may easily & quickly send messages to the same contacts the next time. Your messages will show up in your 1on1 chat if you choose a single contact messaging.

2. Attach Media

With the Viber Sender, you may attach any media to your texts. The feature allows you to send messages to users with buttons, images, and the various media combinations: text only, text+ buttons, images only, clickable images, images + text + buttons, etc.

The number of characters six times exceeds a standard SMS. So, you may also extend your mobile marketing campaigns by adding a Viber as an option.

3. Manage messages

You may set up & manage your messages easily. Choose the contacts to add to the group. Schedule bulk messaging or change the parameters or find your broadcast messages, etc.

Here you may also add recipients to a broadcast list. For that, you may open the broadcast list, tap on the broadcast list info screen, & tap on Add participants.

Any messages and broadcast lists that you create appear in your chats list in the same way that a group chat does.

4. Send Viber Messages

With this option, you may send a message or broadcast it to up to 50 contacts at a time. This is possible without even opening each one to start messaging. Viber messaging may be available only on iPhones and Android mobile devices.

The minimum monthly payment Viber messaging is lower than SMS campaigns, for instance. Here, you do not have to repay mobile operators. By sending bulk messages through Viber, you pay for 1000 characters much less than for an incomplete hundred characters in the SMS of your mobile operator. The prices may vary, however, as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.


Viber provides an opportunity to send advertisements on behalf of the company. Our software allows us to send bulk messages and carry out targeted advertising campaigns through Viber according to users' demographic characteristics and interests. With the help of Viber Bulk Message Sender, you can reach and attract an audience whose contacts are not yet in your database. Connect with customers and build relationships with Viber ads. So, take advantage of Viber advertising and scale your brand awareness on one of the most popular instant messengers in the world with us!