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Auto-reply and chain-email software

Atomic Email Autoresponder Overview

Auto-reply and chain-email software


Atomic Email Autoresponder automates how you process incoming mail and send autoreplies.

The software sends pre-written replies to your prospects and clients. When someone sends you an email containing words that you‘ve predefined, Atomic Email Autoresponder recognizes those words and starts “communicating” with this person in accordance with the rules you’ve set.

Main Features


Unlimited rules

You set the rules for the autoreplies to be sent. You can create as many of them as you want, or need, for your email campaign.

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You can specify the sending time for your campaign. It’s also possible to set an interval for the sending of emails. All of your letters will be distributed right at the specified time(s).

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Chained replies

The program will send a series of messages at specified time intervals. For example, the first message is sent immediately, the second in 2 days, the third in 3 weeks, and so on.

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How to begin with Atomic Email Autoresponder

1Install the software.
2Create a new project.
3Enter necessary settings: email server, SMTP server, port, login, password.
4Specify the rules and templates for the emails.

Atomic Email Autoresponder

Atomic Email Autoresponder is your skilled personal assistant.

It’s not limited by the number of responses you create and send.

All that Atomic Email Autoresponder needs to send your letters is an Internet connection. It works independently. You do not have to control it.

By choosing Atomic Email Autoresponder, you choose your path to success.

This software is turned out to be very useful. When people email me to inquire about my rates it immediately sends an email a detailed email with all information the prospect might need, even when I am not at the computer. Read more »
Paul Hall
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