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email autoresponderAtomic Email Autoresponder works with projects and their rules.

In order to create a new project, press the corresponding button and specify the project name.

Because Atomic Email Autoresponder sends email responses using your mailbox, you need to  customize your mail server properties.





email autoresponder ruleEach project includes one or several rules. You choose (on your own) how many rules you should create.

To “create a rule” means to set up conditions under which the program sends the response.

You specify the rule name, choose the “respond when” circumstances and define the keywords the subject must contain (or other items). Then, you create an email template that will be sent as a response. There can be multiple templates.



auto reply softwareIn order to allow Email Autoresponder to access your mailbox, you need to specify mail server settings.

Watch what you‘re doing here, because you need to set up properties separately for incoming and outgoing messages.

You need to customize mail server settings during a project creation. If you want to edit the server settings, click on the “Properties” button in the toolbar and make changes in the dialog window that appears.



email autoresponder settingsThe program common settings are available by clicking on the logo in the upper left corner.

Here you can specify a few program settings and select the interface language.





email autoresponder stop-listAtomic Email Autoresponder properties includes the Stop List item.

Here you can enter email addresses and the program will never send an email response to them.

It’s a comforting option, because all you need to do is to fill this list with new email addresses (if necessary).




email autoresponder logThe program’s interface includes three main tabs: responses, log and rules.

In order to see the connection results, open the log tab.

All the rules are available in the rules tab; create, edit and delete them there.

You can review Sent responses in the Responses tab.




This software is turned out to be very useful. When people email me to inquire about my rates it immediately sends an email a detailed email with all information the prospect might need, even when I am not at the computer. Read more »
Paul Hall
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