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Atomic Email Studio comes in one interface that includes all the necessary marketing software.

To make it simpler for you, Email Studio suggests combining all the programs’ icons into one. But, you can certainly leave it as is and keep the original icon display.






The main program interface has all the existing projects, and the list of available options and settings for proper software configuration.








Start a new project and name it.

The first actions you can undertake with the project are adding email addresses and editing mailing lists.

You can also look through other program options for creating and improving your email marketing project.






Feel free to upload lists of email addresses into your project from different sources, such as local files, clipboard files or email address extractors. Use all available Atomic tools to create free email lists with additional contact information for you to personalize email messages.








Atomic Email Studio is fully integrated with all other Atomic products (from the 6 it contains).

Activate the module you need, work within the module’s interface for merging targeted mailing lists or other necessary actions, and then go back to the Email Studio interface.

It’s possible to return to Email Studio, whenever you need, by clicking the corresponding button.





Have any questions about working with Atomic Email Studio?

The main menu Help tab will answer most all of your questions. Also, you can open the User Manual for any module you’re working with.

If you still have unresolved issues, please contact our customer support.






The program settings don’t contain many options, but they do allow you to configure the program according to your preference.

Choose to auto-up-to-date the software and you’ll always know about our company’s hottest news and you’ll be made aware of new and useful articles on our blog.






To register Atomic Email Studio, just click the “Register” button and enter your registration key into the empty field.

You can purchase a Registration Key in your Atomic Member Area, or contact our customer support department and they’ll help you register your copy of the program.






Atomic Email Studio includes 6 modules. Each module has its own registration status and program version.

Check the modules’ registration statuses, and do not forget to periodically update Atomic Email Studio to the newest version.







Be in-the-know about Atomic’s hot news, and check for new blog posts right after launching the program and also, while working with it!

News items are displayed in the Email Studio interface. All you need is an Internet connection to stay on top of things.

I have searched and tried many email marketing software's, this one is the best in result, ease of use, with many features, add on facilities, and rightly priced, it has made marketing and search easier for our company. Thank You. Read more »
Shailander Malhotra
Paragon Prepress, Inc.
I just want to say I've been using AtomPark software for years, mainly Atomic Email Sender and Email Hunter. Recently, I purchased Atomic Email Studio and it was working fantastic! I finally came across an issue where I needed Technical Support.They emailed me back very quickly and I started to use their chat feature. They stayed with me until my problem was solved and it really saved my business. I heavily rely on their software to acquire and send emails.I'm so confident in their software right now and I highly recommend them to anyone!Thank you Read more »
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