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Bulk Email Verifier

Checking the validity of email addresses

Verifying the bona fide existence of the email addresses in your list is one of the most important tasks for effective email marketing. This will help you to avoid sending campaigns to non-existent email addresses.

The software verifies emails in three steps. This allows you to check addresses quickly and efficiently. The validation process is performed in multithread mode, using all the benefits of the Web.

Main Features


Three-step email verification

The program verifies emails in few steps:

  • Syntax check
  • Domain check
  • Email address check

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Easy email list import system
You can upload mailing lists in any format and from any source, including other Atomic products. There are no limits on the number of email addresses in a list for validation.

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Bulk email verification speed
This bulk email validation program works in multithread mode and supports several types of proxy servers: Socks 4 proxy, Socks 4a proxy, and Socks 5 proxy.

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Bulk Email Verifier Video

Quick results with the best Email Validation Software

All you need to start the process of verification is:

  • upload the list of addresses into the program,
  • click “Check”
  • and go on with your day.

The email verifier no longer requires your participation. It analyzes each email and determines the status of the address (whether the mailbox exists, is it correct, and so on).

Check email addresses with our Email Verifier software. It will become a good habit for your business. This way, you can clear your mailing lists from the invalid contacts.

Atomic Mail Verifier is a leader among existing email validation tools cause of the variety of features. Make your mailing list completely deliverable. The verification speed, the unlimited number of lists, exporting and importing addresses, and its ability to integrate with other Atomic products will make you a fan of this free bulk email verifier!

How to check the validity of email address?

1. Syntax check

Email verification tool starts the process of checking with the marking addresses that don’t comply with standard spelling rules. Emails that do not meet the standards are excluded from the list. For example, addresses like ann#gmail.com, john!@$yahoo.com.

As a result – your mailing lists will be cleaned from address with typos or those that were intentionally misspelled.

2. Verification of the email addresses domain

The existence of a domain is the key to the relevance of the email address. Addresses with invalid domains are not allowed to the third stage of verification.

If the recipient’s address is syntactically correct and the domain exists, then it makes sense to check for a specific address in the domain.

3. The analysis of email server response

The program tries to send a message to the server and then processes its response. Therefore, with great accuracy, you can determine the validity of an email address from the mail server responses.

As a result of this three-step bulk email verification, Email Verifier helps you not only to filter out the maximum number of non-existent email addresses but also to prevent the removal of the real ones.

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