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To promote a company with email marketing, you need a number of programs to succeed. You have to search for email addresses, verify their validity, create and send newsletters, and then, study  the results. Besides wasting time searching for the appropriate programs, you’ll spend too much money on each of the programs. To meet these needs in one solution, we’re pleased to present Atomic Email Studio! It’s an all-in-one marketing suite that will make your electronic marketing more effective, easier, and quicker.

Atomic Email Studio is a complete set of tools for your email marketing needs. With its 9 programs, you can easily organize your marketing campaigns. Moreover, you get total control over the whole process. This program saves you time and effort.

Main Features


9-in-1 Marketing Software

All the necessary email marketing software is now in one product. You can collect contacts from different places, manage mailing lists, verify email addresses, send letters, handle subscriptions, etc. Email marketing is now 9 times quicker and easier.

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Create & Send Emails

You get a variety of mailing solutions besides creating and sending newsletters, such as mailing list import from a variety of formats, attaching any number of files, HTML and plain text mode support, message parameter rotation support, etc.

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Import and Search for Contacts

Five (5) separate programs import for you. They will search in your email inbox, Outlook, any text files, web pages, the global WHOIS database, and in newsgroups. You’re covered!

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What Modules are Included?

Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one solution for your email marketing. It includes 9 modules for convenient and quick work.

  • Atomic Mail Sender sends email newsletters
  • Atomic List Manager edits mailing lists
  • Atomic Subscription Manager handles subscriptions automatically
  • Atomic Mail Verifier verifies email lists
  • Atomic Email Hunter collects contacts from the Internet
  • Atomic Email Logger gathers contacts from local files
  • Atomic Newsgroup Explorer extracts contacts from the newsgroups
  • Atomic WHOIS Explorer collects contacts from the global WHOIS database
  • Atomic Web Spider collects contacts from visited websites

How Can Atomic Email Studio Help my Business?

  • Searches for new contacts within your target audience
  • Automatically maintains and segments customer databases
  • Creates corporate-quality email templates and email newsletters
  • Monitors subscriber and buyer activity
  • Saves you both time and money!


As I am a beginner and I was not sure at all that how to do bulk emailing as well as with high inbox success rate. I tried many programs before and I was just frustrated. But now I get this software and this thing just change my life in a moment. This is true. All headaches are gone in a day. I am very happy to their service. Thanks Mass Mail Software. Nayeem Read more »
M A Nayeem
I just want to say I've been using AtomPark software for years, mainly Atomic Email Sender and Email Hunter. Recently, I purchased Atomic Email Studio and it was working fantastic! I finally came across an issue where I needed Technical Support.They emailed me back very quickly and I started to use their chat feature. They stayed with me until my problem was solved and it really saved my business. I heavily rely on their software to acquire and send emails.I'm so confident in their software right now and I highly recommend them to anyone!Thank you Read more »
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