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You specify the website URL – the email extractor collects all available contacts from this site.
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Collect email addresses by a keyword

You can extract target email addresses from a specific site by using a keyword as a search query.


Search in list
of webpages

Have a list of URL addresses and want to get emails from them? Paste your list into email extractor and click Enter to gather as many email addresses as there are.

Search on specific websites:


Smart email extractor can do a keyword search and get email addresses from pages on Facebook that contain email addresses. This way you can retrieve contacts from interest groups and mass ad pages.


Make a search on the classified advertisements website. As this site is well-categorized, you can use the keyword search with additional filtering by niches and regions.


Email Hunter has a built-in plugin to extract email addresses from the most popular business-oriented social networking service – LinkedIn. Without much effort you fill up the list with thousands emails of users from all over the world. It is also possible to filter the search results by categories and regions.


Use the free Yelp plugin to search within the specialized website and collect local business contacts that would be useful for marketers. You can search by keywords or define your search by setting a region, state or city.

Search by a keyword

If you do not have a list of websites to search through or if you do not want to be limited with this kind of a list – then you can try a keyword search. The email extractor understands both a single keyword and a keyword phrase, so you can use any search terms you like and get a list of target email addresses.

Country detection

Email extractor can suggest the email address country its owner is likely to be from. The program detects the country by the domain name and by the popular mail clients the users in different countries use. As a search result you will get a list of email addresses with the countries they belong to – so you can segment the collected emails by this criterion.

Mailbox plugin. Extract emails from your mailbox

You even do not suspect how many unused email address your mailbox contains. Feel free to extract them with the help of our mailbox plugin, and use for pre-sales, sending emails and other your business needs.

Search on websites using URL filters

When you set up a program to gather email addresses for you from the Internet, you can use additional features and filters to achieve the better result. For example, note that email extractor can harvest addresses from password-protected websites. To get reasonably accurate results, you can use URL filters and specify “URL contain/ not contain” criteria to exclude unwanted sites from the search list.

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