Atomic SMTP integration with Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic SMTP service is fully compatible with any bulk sender for mass mailings. This integration process be run automatically; it requires to download and launch files only. Or you can configure SMTP server settings manually using SMTP wizard.

Note: regardless of the way you choose to integrate SMTP server, you need first of all  to specify the correct Sender E-mail Address.

Sender e-mail address

Launch Atomic Mail Sender, choose “Message/Message properties” and complete the User email field with the e-mail address you used to activate your paid SMTP plan.


Automatic SMTP configuration

In order to integrate Atomic SMTP server, please, download and save .txt or .reg files from the Atomic SMTP service Member Area onto your PC previously.

.TXT file instructions

If you are working with Atomic Mail Sender, then go to Settings menu -> Common Settings -> SMTP tab and choose the way to send mail “External SMTP only” -> “Import SMTP list” (click folder icon on the right).


Select and upload the .txt file you have saved before into Atomic Mail Sender. The program will download the list of SMTP servers and use them by default on sending email messages.

Now software is configured to start the mailing.

.REG file instructions

Download the .reg file from Atomic SMTP Member Area and save onto your PC. Launch the file.

Even in the case you have got a warning that some component can work incorrect after file processing, continue the work. The data .reg file adds to the Registry concerns Atomic Mail Sender only. None of other third-party extra options are changed.

Use SMTP Wizard to configure SMTP server

You can configure Atomic SMTP automatically, without no manual input. You can find detailed information and instructions at

Define the Atomic SMTP settings with the help of the SMTP Wizard, or use the main menu Settings/Common settings/SMTP tab.

Sender e-mail

Before you start running the SMTP Wizard, you need to specify the correct data in the Message/Message properties menu. Go to the current menu section and fill out the User email field with the e-mail you used to activate your paid SMTP plan.


Atomic SMTP configuration

When you configure the Atomic SMTP server manually in the Atomic Mail Sender software, there are several important steps you must take.

Step 1. Select the SMTP Wizard option.

    • Choose  Use our SMTP partner server (recommended)


    • Ensure the default e-mail address matches the one you specified in the Message properties (the e-mail address you used to activate your paid SMTP plan.)


    • Then choose the option Atomic SMTP. Use our Atomic SMTP server and click “Log in” to access SMTP server member area. This is the way Atomic Mail Sender identify your SMTP server account — Login and Password.


Step 2. Configure the common SMTP settings, you can ensure all your account information were identified and entered correctly.

    • Go to Settings->Common settings->SMTP tab.


    • Make sure the External SMTP only radio button under How to send mail is selected.(If you click “Finish” button in the previous step, you need to fill in the Authentication dialog box with the proper information. Fill in Login field with the e-mail address you used to activate your paid SMTP plan and Password field with the password from you SMTP account settings).


  • Double-click on the SMTP server named A dialog box labeled Edit SMTP server properties will appear.smtp_parameters

    Enter the following data in this dialog box:

    • Authentication: ESMTP – RFC 2554
    • Encryption: No
    • Login/Password: the login and password you use to access the Atomic SMTP service
    • Sender e-mail: enter the e-mail address you used to activate your paid SMTP plan.
    • Limit — 3750 e-mails per hour (if the tariff contains less then any number up to 3750).


What should I do if the Atomic SMTP server are is not displaying displayed in on the list?

    • Click te black down arrow (next to the green plus sign)
    • Choose Pre-defined from the drop-down list


    • You will see a list of SMTP servers. Choose the one named and click  Add.



    • Double-click on the SMTP server named The Edit SMTP server properties dialog box will appear.


  • Enter the e-mail address you used to activate your paid SMTP plan in the Sender e-mail field.

Step 3. Click Ок. The Atomic SMTP server is now configured, and you can start using it to send your mass mailings.

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