Atomic Email Hunter 9.00 - New Features

Atompark Software has released a new version of our email extractor software - Atomic Email Hunter 9.00. This software is used for extracting email addresses from online directories, classifieds sites or any other webpages.

One of the new features is Mailbox Hunter plugin. Mailbox Hunter plugin makes it easy to extract emails from Gmail (or any other ESPs) and add your contacts to a mailing list. The program connects to your mail server, scans all email messages and extracts email addresses of your correspondents.

Other noteworthy improvements of Atomic Email Hunter:

  • more search engines added
  • option to ignore hidden emails (this is where most email honeypots are)
  • option to define domains that should or should not be processed when searching for emails (now you can search for emails located only on websites ending in *.ca, *,  *.de, etc.)
  •  added the list of file extensions that should be skipped during the search process
  • search results are now saved automatically and it lets you resume search if a program crashed
  • users can set timeout between queries to a particular server – the program can be configured not to send requests to the website oftener than X seconds
  • improvements related to authentication on websites   
  • software interface improvements
  • Romanian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian localizations added

You can download the latest version from our website:

We recommend to update Atomic Email Hunter to the latest version.

If you have any questions about upgrading the software - call us at +1-707-7098405 or use Live Chat button on our website.

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