Atomic Email Hunter 4.44 release with more demonstrable trial

AtomPark Software is glad to announce the new Atomic Email Hunter 4.44 version release.

Atomic Email Hunter (EMH) is an email extractor designed to harvest e-mail addresses and user names from the defenite websites or websites based on the keywords you are interested in.

What is new in EMH 4.44?:

  1. EMH 4.44 demo has became more demonstrable - now it can save some random results to Word/Excel/file/Clipboard, that "saving results" feature has been locked in all previous demo versions.

    Download demo to try

  2. Some small errors have been fixed:

    [*] errors with integration with Internet Explorer (extracting from about:blank)
    [*] error with displaying number of extracted addresses
    [*] error with loading saved mailing list

More info / Purchase a key to remove all trial limitations

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