Atomic Email Studio 13.01: Updated Email Extractor, Mail Sender and Email Verifier modules

We announce the new Atomic Email Studio 13.01, our all-in-one program for email marketing that contains 9 useful modules for direct marketing.

3 built-in modules updated up to their latest versions include:

  • Updated Email Hunter 14.04 module
    • Search within Yelp without specifying the city was added
    • New feature of skipping the certain number of search pages was added
    • Updated list of built-in proxy servers
    • Updated search engines for China
    • Updated Email Hunter User Manual
    • Fixed email addresses filter issues when filter rules didn't apply while searching with the Yelp plugin
    • Command-line search was fixed and improved
    • People search feature for Facebook plugin was fixed and improved
    • Fixed the program interface issues and the software behavior as a whole
    • Fixed the issue whereby multiple errors occurred during the search
    • Fixed minor issue within the proxy servers settings menu
    • Fixed the search links building issues
    • Fixed email address filter issues
    • Fixed the incorrect errors of page processing
    • Program optimization to reduce CPU load and increase the search speed
  • Updated Mail Sender 9.42 module
    • Bug when adding account into Bounce Analyzer fixed
    • Create and send a bug report to the customer support when software registration issues take place
  • Updated Email Verifier 9.43 module
    • some bugs were fixed
    • stabilization of the program functionality
  • Fixed an issue of counting the number of email addresses that were loaded to the project

You can download and evaluate the new Atomic Email Studio 13.01 at our website.