New version of DLP-software Security Curator 5.3

AtomPark Software Inc. released Security Curator ver. 5.3, a corporate security and DLP-software.

The following features and changes are introduced in this new version of the program:

- System of administrator rights access. Opportunity to assign access rights to system administrators to access the functional of the software, and restrict access to certain groups of administrators to the various types of data collected by monitoring agents.
- Monitoring and blocking the connection / disconnection of all types of USB drives and devices. Employees will no longer be able to use USB-devices on the corporate network, if it is forbidden by security policy. Enabling this option will prevent the leakage of confidential information, it will be impossible to download this information to USB-devices.
- Monitoring of the clipboard. The system saves all information that was entered by users into the clipboard (copying, moving files, etc.).
- Editor filters are improved. These options control the filtering of collected information. Now the settings have become more flexible.
- A revised system for monitoring of the desktops (tracking what the user sees on the screen of his PC), including the users of terminal servers. Also there is an opportunity to unload the saved screenshots now.
- Improved performance of the database, as well as increased stability of its work.

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