Reseller Program

Who is a reseller?

Anyone who resells the copies of our products to own customers is considered to be a reseller (either a person or a company).

Why should I become a reseller?

You have clients and you want to sell them software directly bypassing our website ( Reseller program is just for you. You will be able to sell and assign licenses to you customers personally.

Moreover, you will set the prices for our products yourself (they can be higher or lower than on

What will I pay for licenses as a reseller?

We provide our resellers with the 30% discount for the licenses. In other words, a reseller is able to buy our products for 70% from the usual cost. The more you sell – the higher the discount. Contact us to get more details.


If you decided to take part in our Reseller Program, you have to make an initial payment to AtomPark Software Inc. This money will be added to your account. We do not set minimum signup fee. All the paid money will be spend on our licenses. If you’ve spent the whole your deposit, you have to contribute more money.  Using this link you can make the payment

After it, we will manually set up your reseller account. The process can last up to 2 business days.


AtomPark Software handles all the technical problems, including bug fixes. A participant of our affiliate program will need to provide presale support as well as consult clients about our products. The best way to consult is to provide clients’ support in the language of country a reseller is responsible for.
Enter your ticket details below. If you are reporting a problem, please remember to provide as much information that is relevant to the issue as possible.

International Resellers

We endorse multilingual resellers:

  • Make the translation of our software into your native language
  • Create a website where you will sell our products (we will provide a template)
  • Provide your customers with a support

All the above-mentioned actions will increase your sales as the payment links in the localized software will lead to your website. It’s a huge increase in sales because every customer who downloads our software from a shareware website and switches to their native language will be buying through your payment links. We will also link to your local website from all our pages bringing you traffic and link popularity!

If you have any questions about our reseller program please contact our manager at