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SMTP Server

Atomic SMTP Service

Atomic SMTP Service Features

SSL connection support

A secure Internet connection is fully supported by our Mail Sender. You need to pick “SSL connection” in the program you use for sending mail and set the main parameters of the SMTP server.

DKIM support

While using Atomic Mail Sender and some external SMTP server for distributing your newsletters, we recommend generating a DKIM signature. This is a kind of signature for the domain name of a sender. This way, the company is recognized and the sender is confirmed.

SPF support

If you are interested in the increasing the deliverability of emails sent from your domain, use an SPF record. This record reduces the percentage of your emails delivered to the “Spam” folder. Different registrants can be used for SPF creation. We strongly recommend using SPF record, as it improves newsletter deliverability and sender reputation.


Atomic Mail Sender easily integrates with any external SMTP server that people use for sending emails. If you want the chosen SMTP to work for your bulk mailer, copy data from the SMTP settings and paste it into the settings of your program. The necessary information includes personal login and password to access SMTP, port number, and server address.

Detailed reports

Atomic Mail Sender generates individual and bulk reports. Moreover, you can review the sending progress and sending status for each sent email message in a real-time mode.

There is an opportunity to save all the reports into a local file.

Unlimited number of recipients contacts

While using Atomic Mail Sender for sending marketing campaigns, you may load as many recipients email addresses as you need. Mind the sending speed limit – set up the correct number of emails to send by hour. This is a good practice because some mail services limit the number of messages a recipient can receive from one sender within an hour.

High-speed delivery

Atomic Mail Sender with an integrated and customized SMTP server can send newsletters at speeds up to 100,000 emails per hour.

Helpful advice on improving mailing deliverability

If you’ve got any questions, contact our technical support. We will not only answer your questions, but tell you the most effective ways to set up your Atomic Mail Sender. You can also receive professional advice on how to improve your email campaign deliverability and increase the percentage of campaigns that pass spam filters.

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