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Emails that are included in messages on NNTP servers can be extracted with Atomic Newsgroup Explorer. This program will be useful if your target audience communicates in one or more conferences. Newsgroup is a place for people with similar interests. Each group name reflects the subject discussed within it.
Atomic Newsgroup Explorer provides you with:

Fast email address extracting

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer finds not only emails in messages on NNTP servers, but also usernames if they appear in the source message. The search process runs in multithread mode, which reduces the time needed for email extraction. The user can set the number of threads that will be used for extraction. Make sure that your PC has enough power to handle this.

Supporting all types of NNTP servers

Atomic Newsgroup Extractor can work with all types of NNTP servers, the most popular of which are available by default. A user can extract all the data from newsgroups from these servers.
You are able to choose the necessary NNTP server and extract email addresses from it. The opportunity to set authorization data for accessing a particular NNTP server is available as well.
Our program works with password-protected servers.

Expanded Log

Such data as a full list of extracted emails, usernames, and the newsgroup in which the current address was found is available in the Expanded Log.

Newsgroup management

The user is free to:

  • Delete newsgroups
  • Add new ones
  • Select several newsgroups from which to extract emails

You can inspect a single newsgroup or work with all groups at the same time.

Contact management

Right before saving, you can manage found emails. You are able to:

  • Add a selected contact
  • Delete a selected contact
  • Edit a highlighted email
  • Send mail to a highlighted email

Export features

All the results after the search finishes can be saved to:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Open Office Writer
  • Open Office Calc
  • Clipboard
  • Text File
  • Atomic programs
Specific targeted offers

Typically in newsgroups, specialists with expertise in specialized areas communicate. This allows you to create targeted lists. When you send a mass mailing to them, the response will greatly exceed your expectations. You will actually send mail to a particular person!

Integration with other Atomic products

You are able to export emails into Atomic Mail Verifier for email address checking or Atomic Mail Sender for sending mass mailings. Atomic Newsgroup Explorer transfers addresses quickly and without any problems.

Some say newsgroups are worthless - not really if you know what you are doing. Excellent product. Read more »
Mark Pennington
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Extract email addresses from the messages on NNTP servers.
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