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LinkedIn Email Extraction Plugin

Atomic Email Hunter can serve as a great LinkedIn email extractor. It has an in-built plugin that has been developed to extract emails from LinkedIn.com. It is free and is already integrated into Atomic Email Hunter.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with hundreds of millions of members, and it’s growing rapidly. Its mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. When registering, a person has to leave his/her email. Just imagine – 300,000,000 users and the same number of email addresses.

By having users’ email addresses you can:

  • Contact big companies and obtain industry insights;
  • Find other professionals in the same industry using groups, and build professional relations with them;
  • Build targeted mailing lists for email marketing. By having such a mailing list you can send bulk emails that will have a high ROI and open rate, and a low bounce rate.

To start working with the LinkedIn email hunter, open the program and click the corresponding button on the toolbar.

linkedin email hunter

There are some fields that have to be filled in.


The main parameters here are:

“Keyword” – The email address extraction process will run according to this keyword in the chosen region. This can be either a single word or a word combination (that makes sense).

“Profiles”/ “Companies” – Select the category you are interested in – whether to extract information from personal workers and employers profiles or from different companies related to your keyword.

“Type in country…” – If you are interested in a specific country for your mailings, just write its name (or example, USA, Italy, Germany, France etc). This can be any country, or you can select “International”. Note, that you can also include city or state as a search area.


Note this – to search in profiles you should type in LinkedIn authorization information.
Linkedin.com is a password-protected website, and Atomic Email Hunter need the access to it to extract emails and other data.

The authentication data – stands for your LinkedIn account login data (your login and password) and can be saved or edited.


The current plugin won’t work without authorization.

If you do not have an account yet, you may register right in this window. Just enter your first name, last name, and your email address and password.

It goes without saying, that Email Hunter extract email addresses from the biggest professional network. Besides, the program scans the skills field, scrapes phone numbers and almost all the information from the profiles.

What is more when you collect emails you also get Twitter accounts and people birth date.
Remind that a built-in LinkedIn plugin is free and easy-to-use.

I was searching for an email extractor application and i came across many examples like "Email Extractor" or "Email spider easy" or " Lone mail collector". I downloaded many trials to find out which is the most suitable for my needs and i saw that nothing was better than Atomic email hunter. I measured the results and I found out that after 15 minutes Atomic email hunter had 1200 emails while other had 350-Atomic email hunter is definitely the best solution for my needs. The programmers did a great job and and created a strong and easy to use tool.(Greece) Read more »
Angel Baltas
I'm very impress with Email Hunter and how fast it can find the leads/contact. It saves me hundreds of hours compiling and extracts the information using our marketing staff time. Thank you. Read more »
Wyatt T
Agility Technology Pte Ltd
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