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Atomic Email Hunter Screenshots

email crawler main window


The main email crawler interface is presented as a search field and search log with extracted results.

When you start to work with the program, there are short hints that will help you to understand Email Hunter’s operating functions.



email crawling settings


By default, Atomic Email Hunter searches through webpages using 8 primary search engines.

If you want the email crawling software to work with other search engines, select your desired engines from the list of those available.





craigslist email crawler


This plugin helps you to extract emails from www.craigslist.org. You just simply have to setup the necessary settings.








Yelp email crawler


This plugin helps you to extract emails from www.yelp.com. You just simply have to setup the necessary settings.







facebook email crawler


The program has tools to extract emails from Facebook. You simply have to specify the criteria to search people (target audience) and get contact information about each of listed Facebook page owner (name, email, job, website, and so on).






crawling emails from mailbox


Email Hunter searches for available email addresses within your inbox folder. The built-in Mailbox plugin allows you to extract emails from Gmail as well as from Hotmail, Yahoo and other email services.

You choose if you want to collect addresses from headers or from email message content.



crawling settings customization


Pay attention to program settings customization.

Work carefully here, as our program quickly extracts topical email addresses that you can save for your targeted mailing lists.





additional crawling settings


Atomic Email Hunter allows you to customize additional settings to improve email address extraction.

In addition, there are three basic ways to search: by a list of websites, by a keyword, or by a keyword on a certain website. Choose the most suitable for your needs and do a targeted search.




email crawling results


After data extraction you will see the search results as a list of email addresses and additional information, if there is anything found.

Email Hunter allows you to apply standard list-merging operations via: sorting by certain parameters, deleting duplicates, and finding a specific email address.




edit crawled emails


There are useful tools to edit email address lists (for example, “add user-name”), to verify extracted addresses, and to send e-newsletters to a mailing list.

Email Hunter is fully compatible with other Atomic products, so you can use our full software package for your email marketing.  There is no need to search and buy shady databases anymore. We give you the tools to get as many free email lists as you need, manage and verify addresses, send email campaigns and track delivery results.

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Rip Wolff
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