List Managers

Atomic Mail Verifier

AMV_VistaIcon The program helps to keep your mailing lists actual and organized. All the addresses are checked and non-existing are removed by this software. If you want to save your time and money, do not forget to use Atomic Mail Verifier before you start to send mass mail.

Atomic List Manager

box_list_manager_en_mini Processing of large lists of email addresses requires special programs. With Atomic List Manager you can split or merge email lists, sort, delete duplicates, and personalize your lists.

Email Autoresponder

AtomicAutoresponder_256 Atomic Email Autoresponder is a powerful software that makes automatic respond to incoming messages. It is possible to prepare triggered messages, schedule responses, send files to email requests, and much more. It can also send sequential automatic responses that will keep your prospects updated.

Subscription Manager

logo_subscription Atomic Subscription Manager is capable of handling clients requests of subscription/unsubscription. This software processes inbox email messages, website subscription forms and local files, detects user email addresses and add/remove them into/from your current mailing list.