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Managing Options
Our mailing list software executes up to 19 different operations for managing your mailing info. At the end of the process, you will get a fresh, high-quality–and unique–mailing catalogue. Here are the other useful features of this tool.
Detecting Domains
Atomic Manager contains a built-in catalogue of domains. You will be free to add more domains or eliminate the nonexistent ones, so that the program will find the maximum number of email addresses.

This email list manager is always there for:

Email Marketer

creating personalized marketing campaigns thanks to the multi-optional catalogs of this list management software, as well as monitoring incoming information and offers

Business Owners

controlling your list of newsletter recipients by adding unique addresses and extracting suspicious accounts thanks to the multi-functionality of Atomic mail list software

Sales Marketer

optimizing your content in accordance with your end users’ insights after obtaining extensive contact lists through the tools of the Atomic program for mailing lists

Unlimited Lists
The email list management software will allow you to upload an unlimited amount of data. Moreover, all the additional information will be displayed in the results as well.

In-house studies showed that Atomic Manager increased the ROI by up to 25%!

How to install List Manager on MacOS Intel or Apple M1 Take a look
How to install List Manager on MacOS

Why Atomic List Manager is the best solution


Sort and remove duplicate email addresses

You will receive a mailing list with unique addresses only


Split the amount of data

You will be able to break a long dataset into parts or smaller lists


Repair damaged email addresses

The damaged email addresses will be corrected by comparing them with well-known popular domains


Add names to an email catalogue

It will allow you to send personalized mailings


Delete suspicious email addresses

The program for mailing list will find and delete wrong email addresses


Combine two or more catalogues together and turn them into a big one

Get one huge list for sending mass mailing campaigns

Make your mailing data perfect

Upload mailing data from the clipboard, address book, local files or news letter software products.

Sending perfect mailing data flawlessly for:

Digital Agency

managers and other experts on your team will finally cope with large volumes of data and organize the email marketing process efficiently with this mailing list management software

Offline Business

work with your target audience to update your email marketing through this mailing list program — operate your contact lists for custom data analysis, personalized newsletters, and further interaction

IT Services

with more than fifteen operations this mail list management software can perform at a decent quality level, your business will be a front-runner of the trends when it comes to social interaction with customers


with an in-built selection of domains, searching for the right service/product consumer isn’t difficult. This email list management system maximizes the efficient operation of hundreds and thousands of contacts

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These are the reasons why you should use Atomic List Manager

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Senior manager
The best email list editor in the market at the moment!
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Evgeny Kravtsov
Head of Email Marketing Department

Latest updates will make your work even easier

Atomic List Manager 6.02
  • Fixed the "out of memory" error when importing a text file larger than 200 MB
  • Fixed import of contacts from a file containing unsupported characters
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Optimization of the program installer
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In case you’re wondering…

What Atomic Manager is capable of doing

Our mailing software executes up to 19 different operations. At the end of the process, you will get a fresh, high-quality–and unique–mailing list which can:
  1. Sort
  2. Remove duplicate email addresses
  3. Split lists
  4. Add names
  5. Save email addresses only
  6. Check for incorrect addresses
  7. Generate new lists
  8. Repair email addresses
  9. Delete suspicious email addresses
  10. Check the first domain
  11. Combine two or more lists together to turn them into a big one
  12. Merge email addresses
  13. Intersection (of two or more lists): Extract email addresses that are common for all lists
  14. Filter pattern match
  15. Filter by fields

More features you can read in Atomic Manager manual.

Why should I use Atomic List Manager

Sending bulk newsletters requires managing a huge number of email address lists. It’s a well-known fact that high-quality mailing lists are the basis for a successful email campaign.
A small amount of data can easily be managed by using a simple spreadsheet, whereas others need much more powerful and functional solutions for mailing list software. This is where the online email marketing list manager takes center stage. It’s capable of working with one–or several–email lists. Plus, it supports mailing lists of any size and, in addition, performs several other functions at the same time.