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Sending bulk newsletters requires your managing a number of email address lists. It’s a well-known fact that high-quality mailing lists are the foundation for a successful email campaign.

Small amount of data are easily managed by a simple spreadsheet, whereas others need much more powerful and functional solutions of mailing list software. This is where online email list manager takes the lead. It’s capable of working with one–or several–email lists. Plus, it supports mailing lists of any size and, in addition, performs numerous functions.

In-house studies show that Atomic Mailing List Generator increases ROI up to 25%!

Mail List Manager — Main Features

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Managing Options

Our Mailing List software executes up to 19 different operations in managing your mailing lists. At the end of the process, you possess a fresh, high-quality–and unique–mailing list.

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Detecting Domains

Atomic List Manager contains a built-in list of domains. You’re free to add more domains, or eliminate the nonexistent ones, so that the program will remove duplicate email address and collect the most relevant contacts.

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Unlimited Lists

The program allows you to upload an unlimited amount of data. Further, lists may include additional information, and this, too, will be displayed in your results.

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Atomic List Manager is able to:

  • Sort
  • Remove duplicate email address
  • Split lists
  • Add names
  • Save emails only
  • Check for incorrect addresses
  • Generate new lists
  • Repair emails
  • Delete suspicious emails
  • Check the 1st domain
  • Unite two and more lists into a big one
  • Email merge
  • Intersection (for 2 and more lists: Extracts emails that are common for all lists)
  • Filter pattern match
  • Filter by fields
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