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Atomic Email Hunter Features

A key component of an effective mass mailing campaign is the quality of the compiled customer database. Atomic Email Hunter helps create a high-caliber database by extracting information from websites and search engines.

The main Atomic Email Hunter feature is different types of search:

  1. Targeted search for email addresses using keywords
    Atomic Email Hunter will help you to compile a database of your target audience members if you don’t possess a list of essential websites to search. Just specify a keyword, and the program will look for related websites and gather emails from them.
  2. Search for email addresses on a specified website
    If you’ve already got a website and you want to extract addresses from it, enter the URL and the program will collect all available emails from it.
  3. Search for emails on a website by keywords
    Target the search with Atomic Email Hunter. Enter the URL of the website and keyword on which the extraction process will run. The program will find pages of the specified website that include this keyword. Email addresses will be extracted from these pages, so you’ll get a free email list for a long use.
  4. Extract phone numbers from webpages
    This is the only facility Atomic Hunter is missing but you can get phone numbers with Atomic Lead Extractor. It extracts both emails and phone numbers. Check these two email extractors compare to each other.
  5. Search in list
    If you have a number of websites and you want to extract emails from them, define a list of sites. There is no need to wait for one process to complete in order to start another. They will run one after another. At the end, you will receive a list of extracted emails from all specified websites.
  6. Search on Facebook
    Email Hunter can search and extract email addresses from Facebook as easily as from other websites. If you come across groups that spark your interest, copy and paste their URLs into the extractor software; the program will collect all available email addresses from the specified Facebook pages.

All the other features are presented below.

Built-in plugins
  • Mailbox plugin is very suitable for extracting contact addresses from the user’s current email account. So, if you use this plugin, Atomic Email Hunter will scan all the email messages in the mailbox and extract emails from gmail, hotmail or any other mail service. It’s up to the user if set the hunting limitations: search only in headers or additionally scan email content.
  • Craigslist plugin is developed to extract email addresses from To start extracting, select the necessary category and click “start”.
  • LinkedIn plugin will extract emails from social network LinkedIn. You just need to login it, select region and categories.
  • Yelp plugin can search emails on All you need to do is to enter desired search options

Search engine settings
From 68 suggested search engines, 5 are used for search by default. You can select the necessary ones in the program. You can find them in the “Settings/Search Engines” section. You may select as many as you wish. settings

High speed
speed The program works in multithread mode. It can open several pages at one time. For process optimization, select a search type:

  • “Fast search” – Extracts fewer emails and works faster
  • “Detailed Search” – Extracts more emails and works slower

The speed of the search process can be increased by setting the number of threads, timeouts, and retry counts to access the website.

Proxy server
Atomic Email Hunter uses Internet Explorer settings by default, and automatically chooses the most appropriate proxy server.We recommend manually specifying a proxy server. For this, you have to enter the proxy address and port number, your login and password.A proxy server is useful when any website blocks an IP address because it has gone over a limited number of access attempts. It also keeps the IP address hidden, making visits to the sites anonymous.

Email address filter

The following advanced hunting criteria are available:

  • Filter by domain. Filtering by domain can limit the domains to search in (URL must contain…) or the domains to ignore (URL must NOT contain…).
  • Filter by URL length
  • Filter by email address. Filter by email address. In “Settings/Common Settings/Email Filters,” you can specify what filters must and must not contain.
  • Filter by priority links

Atomic Email Hunter also allows you to restrict email collection by link length and the total number of email addresses extracted from a single site. You have all the options and filters to create targeted mailing lists that you can use in future for your purposes.

Search limitation
Before the search process starts, you have the opportunity to set hunting limitations:

  • All links
  • Current site only
  • Current and subfolders
  • Current page only

The program will take these settings into consideration while searching. For example, the program can gather addresses only on a current page or site.


Ignore hidden emails
ignore There are some emails that are positioned as spam traps. When these addresses receive an email, the sender’s email address will be blacklisted. Atomic Email Hunter does not extract these addresses.Ensure the effectiveness of your future campaigns by activating the option to ignore hidden emails. It is possible to do this in “Settings/Common Settings/Advanced”.

Parse JavaScript
Atomic Email Hunter can extract emails that are placed in JavaScript. Due to the fact that the program can work with HTML code and extract emails from it, there is an opportunity to optimize the work by using the option to “Parse JavaScript”.A user has to activate this option first, as it is not set by default. After switching on this option, the program will search and collect addresses that are hidden with the help of JavaScript. In this case, you will get more emails, but the process of extraction will be slower. java

Skip domain

If there is a need to speed up the search process, you can skip specific domains. This way, you’ll save time and increase the program’s speed. There are some rules for skipping domains. If no email address is found on the specified webpages of one domain, then it is possible to skip this domain. Thus, the search process is optimized by skipping dead-end email sources.

Timeout between queries
Some servers allow only a certain number of queries. Atomic Email Hunter offers the possibility of bypassing this number by setting a timeout, which is a time delay between the program’s requests.If a server starts to reject requests, we recommend activating the timeout option. It does not work by default. timeout

Expanded Log
log During the search process, you have access to an expanded log. You can view the links of pages that have been scanned, the time spent searching for emails, the number of extracted emails, and the page status. All the results from the Log can be saved to the Clipboard or to a file.


Partial results saving

All the partial results are saved automatically. This way, extracted and processed data is guaranteed to be protected. It is a useful option in case of a sudden program crash.


Export functions
1447366470_export Atomic Email Hunter can export found results into:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Atomic products
  • Clipboard
  • *txt or *csv file


Full integration with other Atomic products

You can transfer the extracted addresses into other Atomic programs in just one click. There is no need to save the results to a temporary file. Avoid the risk of losing any data by using the package of our programs.

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