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Get Targeted Mailing Lists

Choosing the right targeted mailing list for your campaign is key to your success.

It’s practically impossible to overstate the importance of direct mailing lists to the success of your email marketing. The correct mailing list will contain your most valuable prospects. The more careful you are in gathering targeted mailing lists, the better your chances for success.

Filters for gathering targeted mailing lists

Atomic Email Hunter, in addition to many of its functions, has a number of filters that can help to extract emails more precisely, and therefore will result in a targeted mailing list.

Let’s start from the beginning. Enter the program’s common settings. Here you can find all the filters that need to be set for extracting targeted lists of emails.

URL Filters

However, there are some files that just cannot contain emails. If you know such files, you can enter them into the “URL must NOT contain” box. And vice versa – if you need to collect email addresses from a certain region, you may enter the regional domain, for instance *.us, *.de or *.uk (for the US, Germany or Great Britain).

Let’s say you want to extract emails from pages that have the “contactus” string in their URL. It makes sense, since such pages are more likely to contain the most relevant emails.


Email filters

If you know exactly what the email address should contain, you may enter it in the “email address must contain” box. For instance, if you are looking for Russian emails enter *, or if you are looking for emails of a certain company then enter *.companyname.domain.

The most appropriate case when you want to use this filter is when you need to extract emails that belong to, say, webmasters. In this case you would likely search emails that contain either the “webmaster@” or “admin@” strings. When it comes to hotels, you may want to limit your search to emails that contain the “reservations@” string.

Such setting allows you to get highly targeted mailing lists, even though the total number of extracted emails will me much lower.


Preferred countries

Here you set filtering for countries relying on domain. This can be the domain of the URL page where emails are extracted or a domain of extracted emails. This allows you to get email lists that target a specific country.


Page content filtering

In the advanced search panel, you can find the field for page content filtering. Use “Space” to enter words you want to be present on the email extraction page.

This can be single words or word combinations.


Atomic Email Hunter also allows you to restrict email collection by link length and the total number of email addresses extracted from a single site.

Having set all the filters and started hunting, you’ll get targeted mailing lists that you can use for sending newsletters.

Having such mailing lists can greatly increase the open rate, lower the bounce rate, and increase ROI.

I have compared a few e-mail extractors and Atomic has been the best in retrieving maximum number of e-mails and very easy to use. Highly recommended. Read more »
Aaron Soufer
Your programs are fantastic, by the way, Atomic Email Hunter is the best on the web. Read more »
Russell Conder
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