How to create a Promotional Mass Emailing Campaign for an Online Shop?

Bulk Mailer
It’s not a secret that small business owners, namely online stores, have to create mass mailing campaigns on their own. Since most of them are businessmen, not email marketers, their email newsletters are not always perfect.

That is why we created a step-by-step instruction for you on “how to create, send and analyze promotional email campaign” using a bulk mailer, namely Atomic Mail Sender.

What is Promotional Bulk Email?

The most common type of email-mailing, implemented in every second company.

Promotional bulk email is aimed to notify subscribers about a new company promotion, sale or discount offers, and make him take immediate action.

Peculiarities. Due to the spammers’ activity, the subscribers’ attitude to this type of emails is initially negative. Therefore, the creation of emails with promotions should be thorough and of extremely high quality.
Common email promotions include:

  • sales,
  • specific offer,
  • coupons,
  • discounts.

The promo bulk emailing is more than just purchases, it’s also sign-ups, downloads, registrations, and other kinds of actions.

Mass Email Campaign: How to Start?

Let’s being with an idea. Assume that you are a gift showroom. Approaching a big holiday, for example, the birthday of your company is the best reason to please existing customers and attract new ones.

Think over the offer, it’s value. Let it be great discounts.

So, How to start email campaign using Atomic Mail Sender:

  1. The first thing you should to do is to download and launch the program.
  2. Choose the type of the message – new or using the template:Bulk Mailer

For example, this one:
Bulk Mailer Templates

  1. Prepare the content, the text of your offer, CTAs, illustrations to insert into the body of the email.

    The article “The basic set of free for bright content creation tools” will help you in the creation of colorful pictures.
    Do not forget to pay attention to the subject line of the message.

Bulk Mailer Subject Line
Our bulk mailer allows you to easily insert elements  into the body of the letter, such as:

  • an unsubscribe link,
  • social network icons,
  • link to the web-version of the email.
  1. Check email content for spam using SpamAssassin filter:

    Bulk Mailer SpamAssassin

  2. Don’t forget to specify your sender name, email, and company. Where to find?

    Bulk Mailer

  3. Send test emails to check it’s displayed by different email clients.

    Bulk Mailer Test

To do this (as well as to start sending your mass email campaign) you need to choose and register your email and login in the SMTP server.
Bulk Mailer SMTP

So, the email is ready, what’s next?

Time to Start Mass Email Campaign: Recipients’ List

If it’s not your first campaign, you should have the list of your subscribers’ email addresses.

If you don’t have a mailing list, you can quickly build an email database of a potentially interested audience using our Atomic Email Hunter or:

Bulk Mailer

  • For the start, you have to download your mailing list into the bulk mailer:Bulk Mailer List Import
    There are 5 ways to do it, to import the list from:
  • the file or database,
  • the clipboard,
  • Outlook Address Book,
  • Windows Address Book,
  • Google Sheets.

The standard format of the list is an email address and the name of the owner. But there could be many other fields like “job position”, “interests”, “age”, etc.

  • After importing the list, you can easily edit it with a special set of program features:

    Bulk Mailer

  • If you are working with this list not for the first time, it is necessary to constantly update it. In particular, regularly remove unsubscribed addresses from the mailing list. You can do it manually or automate the process with the help of “Unsubscribe wizard”:

    Bulk Mailer

All that’s left to do is to click “Send”➝“Start” and wait for the results.

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