How to send bulk emails free using Atomic Mail Sender

Dreaming to send unlimited emails per day totally free? We can make your dreams come true! Mass email software is a real option to send unlimited emails without monthly fees, and we will prove it. Before email blasting you may need an email finder to extract email addresses and a bulk email checker to verify your new email addresses.

Atomic Mail Sender Atomic Mail Sender v.9.61
Atomic Mail Sender v.9.61

Send unlimited number of email addresses

  • Unlimited number of sent email newsletteres
  • Free beautiful design email templates
  • Ability to set SMTP server
  • Spam test forhitting into Inbox
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What Is Free Bulk Email Sending

Talking about free sending email campaigns we mean marketing messages sent repeatedly to the huge quantity of email addresses without any limitations in its number or service/program features for free.

It is perfect for businesses who want to save money on email marketing. Just imagine, having opportunity to email your subscribers without restrictions you can:

  • inform people about brand news, provide them with useful content;
  • promote your products or service, holiday sales;
  • support your clients without expenses.

But there should be some catch.

Hidden Limitations Of The Unlimited Sending Emails Free Tariff Plans

Google “send unlimited bulk email free” to see a great variety of email services that promote its totally free offers. But the majority of them prefer to miss some important details. Almost all the existing tools for email marketing have limitations.

For example, the limit of:

  • the number of contacts of your email list,
  • the number of email newsletters to send daily/monthly,
  • the speed of sending emails,
  • the duration of the free plan, and the variety of mix for the listed options.

As a result, you still have to make a monthly payment or adjust your business to the terms of the “free” tariff plan.

Why Atomic Mail Sender Is The Best Free Email Sender For Unlimited Bulk Mailing

The main disadvantage of the majority of the email services offers – monthly/year payment. Every time you have to worry about whether you paid for your tariff plan, or not. If you sum up all these accounts for the year it could turn out that even the most profitable email service is quite expensive.

Using email software you haven’t this problem. You buy the program once, and send your emails free without any additional payments. Moreover, with Atomic Mail Sender you really send emails for free without any limits in the number of messages, contacts in your list or sending speed.

Let’s analyze what option of free email blasting will be more profitable:

The minimal paid plan for popular email services varies from $5 to $150. That means annually you will pay about $144 (average monthly price – $12 x 12) for the service with the limited use of advanced features or other restrictions.

For the $79,85 you’ll get Atomic Mail Sender – the professional free email blaster software for sending bulk emails with the full set of all the features you need to succeed with your campaigns.

Pay once – and send free mass emailing with our tool forever!
Lets see how to send mass email for free with Atomic Mail Sender.

How To Send 1000 Bulk Emails At Once For Free Via Atomic Mail Sender

There is no matter how many messages you want to send. Will it be 1 000 or 10 000 email addresses per day, at once ─ whatever you want, because with this email software you are unlimited.

There are only 5 steps to do before start sending email messages:

  1. Install the Atomic Mail Sender to your device.
  2. Create the email campaign (you may use inbuilt email templates).

  3. Check its content on spam with SpamAssassin filter.

  4. Add the mailing list you want to send messages. (Check your work with the full version of the program because the trial lets you send only 50 messages).

  5. Add from address to test your newsletter.

If everything is ok, press the “Send” button and enjoy the results with free email blaster software!

There are no limits for your email marketing with Atomic free mass email sender. Don’t worry about the size of your mailing list, or about the monthly fee – concentrate only on the quality of your campaigns.


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