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Atomic Email Hunter is the powerful tool that extracts and collects email addresses with usernames from webpages.

A targeted email list is the first step towards the success of your email campaign. Once you add the website addresses Online Emails Extractor, it will harvest and collect thousands of relevant email addresses from them in minutes.

This easy-to-use program will perfectly suit your needs for email extraction using filtering rules and will find any email in a few seconds!

Main Features of Our Email Web Crawler

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Keyword Search

You can start searching even if you have no list of website URLs. Enter a key phrase related to your business or target audience, and our email address finder will detect relevant websites, scan them, and collect email addresses.

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Filter Rules

In order to speed up the process, you can set filter rules for domains or emails directly in the email address name finder. Advanced hunting criteria includes: URL length limit, priority link determination, and the ignoring of bad domains to improve the speed and quality of email extraction.

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Mailbox Reports

The mailbox plugin is used to extract addresses from your email account. It doesn’t matter if the email addresses are in your email contact list, or in the email message body. Email format finder will collect the ones you need and give you a full list.

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Yelp Plugin

You can easily extract emails from www.yelp.com with the help of the Yelp plugin. Addresses of local services are helpful for any email marketer. All our plugins are free and are already integrated in Email Hunter.

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Facebook Plugin

Email finder tool can easily get email address from Facebook pages, as well as from other sources.

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Twitter Plugin

Atomic Email Hunter provides an incredible ability to extract emails from Twitter – highly developed social network, where your potential clients are located.

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See How Professional Email Extractor Works

As you can see, email scraper software is developed for flexible website crawling and email address collecting. These features make Email Hunter a powerful and useful tool for mass email marketing.  With our web email extractor, you can extract email addresses from websites where you know your potential customers are by using keywords specific to your business. It’s the amazing and valuable Email format finder!

Not sure that your extracted email addresses are valid? It’s wise to use our list managers, a full package that helps you to verify and structure your email lists.

Our email grabber is compatible with any other Atomic software. Enjoy the benefits of a fast and quality email extractor using online search while you relax and savor your cup of coffee! Our corporate email finder, unlike other online email crawlers, has a unique configuration that allows you to control the extraction speed. This protects your software and keeps your IP address from being blocked. Experiencing technical issues? Contact our customer support for quick problem resolution and great customer service.

When I downloaded the trial version I was pleased to see so many features. I had been looking for free email marketing software but there was nothing I liked. This is not a solution for a single mailing but I am sure it will pay off very quickly. When I called the support phone number and got detailed answers to my questions. I decided to buy the software. I hope support will be as good after the purchase. Thank you for a tool which is perfect for my needs. Read more »
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