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For 7 days, the main functions will be available to you with the following restrictions:

• there is no way to save the result of work

• view 50 extracted emails

Atomic Email Hunter is free from malicious files, even if your antivirus software says otherwise.
Administrator rights are required to install and run the program.

Usually we are asked this questions about Atomic Email Hunter:

I don’t want to leave my email, is it necessary?
To download test version of Atomic Email Hunter it is necessary to leave email addresses. It helps us to send registration key if you want to order full version. Furthermore you can subscribe to our mailing and get useful tips about email marketing once a week.
What are system requirement to run the software?
To run the software it is a need to have Windows on your PC. There is only one system requirement for installing the software. After downloading the program you can start searching for emails immediately. Just choose the needed criteria, for example, keywords, websites, location, etc.
What can I do in trial version?
Trial version gives the opportunity to test the program and ensure in its quality. Demo version has some limits. You can see only 50 email addresses that Atomic Email Hunter will find and it is no ability to save the results. Other features are available in the trial version.
Does Atomic Email Hunter collect phone numbers from the web?
Atomic Email Hunter finds email addresses all over the web, on the social media, suh as Twitter, Facebook etc. You just need to set parameters that helps program to search email addresses of your target audience.
Is it possible to extract emails from Facebook with this tool?
You can use Atomic Email Hunter to extract email addresses from facebook. The program will find emails that were published in the public domain.