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Windows 7-10 compactible
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Find emails of leads from websites, PC and social media networks

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Atomic Email Hunter v.15.20

Collect Targeted Mailing Lists in 5 minutes

  • Collects relevant emails with names
  • Finds emails by keywords or target audience
  • Filters the search for email addresses flexibly
  • Collects all emails from your mail account
Atomic Lead Extractor v.9.02

Get date of your target audience in 5 minutes

  • Finding email addresses
  • Extracting phone numbers according to your keywords
  • Parsing Skype contacts
  • Free plugins for getting more data
Atomic Whois Explorer v.9.12

Find email addresses of domains owners' in 7 minutes

  • Finding email addresses of domains owner's
  • Extracting additional information about domain owner's
Atomic Email Logger v.8.71

Find email addresses of people who connected with you earlier

  • Extracting email addresses from Word, Excel, PDF, and other files on your hard drive
  • Finding Skype contact on your PC
  • Has built-in features for managing the mailing list

We deliver messages guaranteed

Atomic Mail Sender v.9.61

Send unlimited number of email addresses

  • Unlimited number of sent email newsletteres
  • Free beautiful design email templates
  • Ability to set SMTP server
  • Spam test forhitting into Inbox
Atomic Email Studio v.15.11

Start email marketing from scratch

  • Collecting targeted mailing lists in 5 minutes
  • Keeping your mailing lists active and organized
  • Managing unlimited amount of data
  • Sending email campaigns

Organize and personalize the contacts

Atomic Email Verifier v.10.11

A powerful software for verifying and validating email addresses

  • Verifies emails by Syntax check, Domain check and Email address check
  • Excludes as many nonexistent emails as possible
  • No limits on the number of email addresses in a list for validation
  • Collects all emails from your mail account
Atomic List Manager v.6.02

Get targeted mailing list in 5-7 minutes

  • Works with email lists of any size
  • Splits and merges email lists containing multiple data parameters
  • Easy personalization of mailing lists