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Doesn’t require an Internet connection
Makes search through popular email clients
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Install Atomic Email Logger and enjoy the benefits of the program.
For 7 days, the main functions will be available to you with the following restrictions:

• there is no way to save the result of work

• view 50 extracted emails

Atomic Email Logger does not contain any malicious files, even if your antivirus software says otherwise.
Administrator rights are required to install and run the program.

Usually we are asked this questions about Atomic Email Logger:

What OS is Atomic Email Logger compatible with?
This is a program for extracting email addresses for Windows.
How to extract email addresses from a computer?
Run the program, click “Extract” and choose the option “Extract from my computer”, choose the hard disk or several of them on which you want to find email addresses, and click OK. The program will look through all the files which may contain emails. This is the unique function which will help you to gather addresses from all the places on your PC where they can be stored.
How do I extract email addresses from any computers files?
Start the program, click “Extract”, choose “Extract from File”, and select the file on your PC you want to parse addresses from.
How to extract email addresses from Viber or Skype?
Run the software, click “Extract”, and select the “Skype history” or “Viber history” option. Email extractor will collect the addresses from Viber or Skype messages, contacts’ profiles, and attached files.
Is it possible to test Atomic Email Logger before I buy it?
Yes, there is a free 7-days trial. Just download the demo and try all the features of the software. Note that saving of the results is unavailable in the trial version.