SMS marketing is an effective solution for your business. AtomPark Software proposes all needed tools for building successful mobile campaigns.
Choose a service that perfectly suits your sphere of business.
Take a chance to send bulk SMS free of all risks – save your time and money!

  • Affordable prices
  • Sending promotional and transactional SMS
  • Registering the personal Sender ID
  • SMS campaign planner
  • Integration with your CRM system or website
  • HLR service for checking the validity of numbers
Cellphone carrier lookup — Send more, pay less!

  • Check if a phone number is active to clean your list from invalid numbers and send SMS only to active users.
  • Check the mobile number operator of the user to know the exact cost of the SMS campaign.
Add a new communication channel with your clients

  • Sending text and media content
  • Checking the existence of an app
  • Global coverage
  • Detailed report
  • Low price
Implement Viber messaging in your strategy

  • Low cost
  • Text & media combination
  • Extending your contact base
  • Channel reliability

Marketing through bulk SMS service

The tools for sending bulk SMS are aimed at keeping in touch with your potential clients and buyers effectively and have multiple advantages for your business.

We provide SMS research and marketing services that improve the quality of your marketing and bring desired results. They eliminate problems that are hard to check out manually and optimize the work processing.

SMS services create a great ecosystem for bulk sending of SMS. SMS text message marketing services allow starting awesome campaigns at the specified date and time, measure & empowering them to the fullest.

You may reach out to our audience in a different time zone & with no Internet connection. SMS technology is simple and highly effective. Also, you may use it for sending out reminders of specific events or greetings, etc. There are numerous cases when you may apply mass messaging service for your business success.

Personalized campaigns are the future of your marketing. Send out both individual and bulk SMS that look just like a dialogue between people you know. With their help you may:

  • Refer to users by their names,
  • Use dynamic sender name,
  • Send SMS online in parts within a certain period of time,
  • Send individual promo codes,
  • Add pictures, useful links, CTAs, emoji, etc.
  • Keep personal data safe.

With modern online messengers, you may apply complex marketing solutions; integrate your working platforms with the services in no time!

Key features of Atompark’s SMS marketing services

Atomic SMS solutions are able to provide a wide range of possibilities for any marketing task implementation. Atomic SMS is something that has worldwide coverage and high speed.

Sending SMS worldwide includes:

  • More than 900 operators in 200 countries.
  • Sending messages at a speed of 200-500 SMS / sec.
  • Instant delivery in just a few seconds.
  • Unicode support allows you to send SMS in any language.

Apart from that, the platform includes such SMS solutions as:

  • Subscription forms

Quickly create a subscription form to match your website's design and style. Provide a two-factor subscription system: phone confirmation by sending a code to make the process safe.

  • Unsubscribe option

In the SMS message, you may add a link to unsubscribe or an unsubscribe button from the mailing list. The phone numbers of those who are unsubscribed are added to the "Exceptions" list, as well.

  • Security

Security of data sent using Atomic SMS is guaranteed. It’s prohibited to disclose any private data, any other information about your clients and partners without their consent.

What’s great is the fact that the Atomic SMS solution is available to try for free in order to check out if it perfectly suits your marketing needs in earlier stages.

SMS sending from your personal account is easy & fast due to the user-friendly interface and great UX. It’s designed especially to speed up your marketing through bulk SMS service. You may launch campaigns fast & safe thanks to the HLR technology that allows you to thoroughly check the contacts before the campaign launch to sort out high-quality numbers only.

So, extract phone numbers from all web pages you visit & check them via SMS look up. Automatic country detection by domain or language of the web page is also at your disposal. The creation of reports on sent campaigns in the SMS service account is easy and fast, so you will save our time, effort & funds on marketing with Atomic SMS solutions.

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