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Checking the subscriber number using an HLR request will save the budget for SMS mailing by 30%

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Cellphone carrier lookup
HLR lookup is a technology that helps to check if a phone number is active. By making a lookup to the Home Location Register, the mass texting service for business gives info about the validity of mobile numbers. Phone number validation with the help of SMS HLR lookup saves the budget of messages campaigns

Send SMS only active users

Check mobile number active status to clean your list from invalid numbers and send SMS only to active users

Test HLR lookup software


Send HLR Lookup

You can send an HLR lookup and check any international phone number to ensure its existence or determine cell carrier. To test the HLR lookup enter the phone number from your database and the service sends lookup online.


Check the database

Start validating any international and foreign phone numbers not to send SMS to inactive users. Save your budget and launch the validation database with the help of an HLR lookup


Get the table with results

You can sort the table according to cellphone carrier, status etc

What info will the phone number lookup give to me?

Users in the roaming
Mobile carrier
User’s country
Phone number activity
Changing the mobile carrier

Check the activity of numbers with the help of HLR lookup

It is cheaper to use the service once and ensure that all your clients will get messages than pay for SMS that nobody will read.

To check your database of numbers you need to register

HLR lookup pricing

Country Currency
Ukraine 0.0042 $
USA 0.0035 $
Other countries 0.0066 $
HlR lookup pricing depends on the region. The price is indicated for 1 request on 1 phone number.

Test HLR service for free. In Member Area are available 10 test checks. Use it for HLR or SMS service.

Frequently asked questions

What is HLR?
This is a database that contains information about all subscribers registered in the mobile network.
How to start an HLR campaign?
  • Go to your Member Area in the SMS service section ㅡ select the Send HLR tab.
  • Enter the name of the campaign and add a list of numbers. The list of numbers can be added manually or downloaded from the clipboard, or you can select an existing address book.
    In the "advanced options" menu, you can choose to check phone numbers immediately or postpone the checking for a specified time.
    The result of the check will be displayed in the Statistics ㅡ HLR Statistics section.
Can I save the result?
Yes, the result will be checked in your Member Area. Also, you can export verification results to a CSV report.
You can filter the verification results in the HLR statistics by various parameters: country, status, result, and so on.
How HLR lookup in the SMS service works?
HLR lookup is a technology that helps to check if a phone number is active. By making a lookup to the Home Location Register, the SMS service gives info about the validity of mobile numbers. Also, a lookup gives such info as IMSI, MSC, MCC, and MNC. HLR phone number validation can save your money.
How to make validation of phone numbers in the USA?
Enter the phone number and send HLR lookup and find out:
  • cellular of the US phone number;
  • the status of the mobile phone;
  • the country where the user is.
How to make validation of phone numbers in the UK?
The procedure is the same as sending HLR lookup in the USA. You enter the phone number of the users and the service sends lookup.
How to send carrier lookup by number?
You can find out mobile carrier by using HLR lookup. It helps to determine the exact cost of SMS campaign.
How much HLR lookup costs?
Pricing of HLR lookup depends on the country where your users live. The exact cost you will find out here.