Atomic Email Studio

6-in-1 Email Marketing Software

What Atomic Studio includes

Email Hunter
Mail Verifier
List Manager
Mail Sender
Email Logger
WHOIS Explorer

Extracts email addresses with usernames from webpages

  • makes search by the key phrase related to your business or target audience
  • gets email address from Facebook pages, as well as from mailbox, Twitter or Yelp.
  • ignores hidden emails to keep you from being blacklisted
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Ensure you have authentic leads

  • removes emails with typos like “kate!@$aol,com”. Only right emails will be in your list;
  • сhecks the domain existence provides base with valid email addresses;
  • makes a request to the server to determine with great accuracy the validity of emails.
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Manage email lists properly

  • sort mailing lists by different criteria;
  • duplicate email addresses are cleared from the mailing list;
  • you can break a long list into parts or smaller lists.
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Send Mass Email Easily

  • email sender does not limit the number of recipients per mailing;
  • built-in spam checker, powered by SpamAssassin;
  • runs in multithread mode, supporting high-speed work.
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Extract emails from files on your hard drive

  • the program harvests emails from *.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.xls, and *.xlsx.
  • scans all files in a specific folder and extracts email addresses from them;
  • extracts emails from PST files, CSV files, ZIP, RAR, ACE, and GZ archives.
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Extract Domain Owners’ Email Addresses

  • work with all types of domains;
  • gets the owner’s name, phone and fax numbers, country, address, and domain registration and expiry dates.
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Why Atomic Studio is the best solution


Unlimited targeted
mailing lists

Send out mass emails to any number of recipients


Any SMTP available

Connect to the chosen by yourself or our partners' one


Three-step database verification

Keep the mailing list 100% valid and clean


Campaign results

Get the detailed reports on each email campaign


Lifetime license

Pay once and use the software all the time


Technical support 24\7

Contact us if you have questions at any time

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Use Atomic Email Studio to get clients from effective cold email campaigns

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It's that easy — just 5 steps

Import email addresses
Edit your mailing list
Check your email addresses
Create and send a message
Track the effectiveness of your email campaign
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More than 5000 clients recommend

Voronin Artem
Primak Evgeniya
Restaurant manager
Olga Mazanova
Anna Kutuzova
Marketing manager
I have been searching for Email Addresses Harvester software from last few days to buy a reliable and efficient one. and finally came across massmailsoftware, i just download a Trail Version which i found most efficient,reliable and multifunction, i finally decide to buy one. i would definitely recommend Atomic Email Hunter if you are looking to harvest Email Address from Search Engines around the Globe. Kindest Regards Afridi
Tehseen Afridi
Senior SEO-consultant at Afdidi

Corporate license

Atomic Studio license for 3 PC
687 USD
583.95 USD
Atomic Studio license for 5 PC
1145 USD
858.75 USD
Atomic Studio license for 10 PC
2290 USD
1717.5 USD

Latest update will make your work even easier

Atomic Email Studio 14.01

The new program version is ready. We've taken into account your wishes and updated Atomic Email Studio to make its workflow easier and faster. 

Atomic Email Studio 14.01 contains:

  • 6 program modules.

  • Optimized algorithm of its installation.

  • 7 days Trial Period.

  • Updated version of the Atomic Email Hunter 15.00 module.
    Now you can:
    • Keep and restore the search queries in a program, its history is saved on an specified directory of your local disk. Now each search keeps its status and extracted data on the PC. Even if the software was closed you can see, delete or restore all the emails extracted from the web or so by a keyword. 

    • RAM usage by a program is optimized. Thus software takes less memory of your PC, especially during the long term work.

    • Mailing list export in the Atomic Email Hunter without returning to Atomic Email Studio.

  • There is a list of bugs that were fixed:

    • email search with a filter of website content,

    • interface and localization,

    • domain export.

  • The program doesn't support Windows Vista и Windows XP versions.

  • Atomic Email Verifier 9.44 module updated:
     Now you can:

    • Delete invalid emails from your Addresses book. 

    • Mark in red color all the invalid addresses of a mailing list.

  • Atomic Mail Sender 9.44 updated:
    What was fixed:

    • Urgent program closing while log copying.

    • The volume of a RAM used by a program has decreased by half thanks to changing the format of keeping the data.

  • The components of the Atomic List Manager 6.01 email export were updated.

  • Updated Atomic Email Logger 8.60 module (May 2019)

    • All the plugins became free and installed in the program by default.

    • Email search in the files formates: *.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.wab, *.xls, *.xlsx.

    • Email extraction from the popular mail programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, The Bat, Eudora, Incredimail.

      • PST files,

      • CSV files,

      • ZIP, RAR, ACE и GZ archives.
    • The data saving function is optimized and improved.

    • Other small bugs were fixed.

  • Download the new version of Atomic Email Studio 14.01.

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You might be wondering

How Can Atomic Email Studio Help my Business?
  1. Searches for new contacts within your target audience
  2. Automatically maintains and segments customer databases
  3. Creates corporate-quality email templates and email newsletters
  4. Monitors subscriber and buyer activity
  5. Saves you both time and money!
What Atomic Studio is useful for?
To promote a company with email marketing, you need a number of programs to succeed. You have to collect email addresses, check mailing address validity, create and send newsletters, and then, study the results. Besides wasting time searching for the appropriate programs, you’ll spend too much money on each of the programs. To meet these needs in one solution, we’re pleased to present Atomic Email Studio! It’s the all-in-one marketing suite that will make your electronic marketing more effective, easier, and quicker.
The AtomParks’ email marketing platform is the complete set of tools for your email marketing needs. With its 6 programs, you can easily organize your marketing campaigns. Moreover, you get total control over the whole process. This program saves you time and effort.

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