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Install Atomic Email Studio and enjoy its benefits.
For 7 days you will have access to the main functions of the program with the following restrictions:

• there is no way to save the result of work

• search, check and send only 50 emails

• it is not possible to transfer the result of checking or searching for contacts to another Atomic Email Studio program

Atomic Email Studio does not contain any malicious files, even if your antivirus software says otherwise.
Administrator rights are required to install and run the program.

Usually we are asked these questions about Atomic Email Studio:

What is mass email software and whom is it for?
These are programs for launching bulk email campaigns. They can be useful for email marketers, PR managers, individual entrepreneurs, and other people whose sphere of activity requires reaching out to the target audience.
What are system requirement to run the software?
The only requirement is OS Windows 7, 8 or 10 installed on your PC.
What can I do with the help of Atomic Email Studio?

This is an all-in-one package of software for email marketing. It includes components for:

  • Finding email addresses on the Web
  • Collecting email addresses from Whois database
  • Extracting contacts from local files
  • Verifiying addresses
  • Managing mailing lists
  • Creating and sending emails.
Do I need any additional software?
No, you don't. Atomic Email Studio has the features for each step of email campaign launching.
How can I test a program to decide whether I need it?
For this, download a trial version and use it for free for 7 days.