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Since you have sent an email campaign, there is a great need to track all the messages. Who received? Who, when and where read? What links were clicked? What is effectiveness in comparison with the previous campaign?  The answer to these and other questions can give you Atomic Email Tracker.

Atomic Email Tracker traces all sent newsletter and gathers the statistics about your email campaigns. Access data on email opens, click-throughs, pages visited, and much more. Defining who to communicate with, where and when is the key to effective email campaigns.

No specific technical knowledge or additional efforts required!


Atomic Email Tracking Software — Main Features

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Opens and clicks

Our service provides an opportunity to view the percentage of your recipients who opens your email messages, and learn how often they click the links, and which links are clicked mostly in a selected email campaign.

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Time and countries

It is possible to check the proportion of the readers from your country and from abroad. In the control panel the detailed statistics on open time of the newsletter, including information about the days of the week and times of day when your readers read your mailings

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Compare efficiency

You can compare different parameters of two campaigns visually. The easiest way to it is to overlap the graphs’ images and compare mailing effectiveness. The criteria for measuring the effectiveness of each campaign are the number of read and linked messages (all and unique).

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Atomic Email Tracker — How to start

email address trackingOpen Atomic Mail Sender and create an email message
email tracking toolIn the menu choose “Service” – “Atomic Email Tracker”
track emailsEnter your email address, password and campaign name
email address tracking toolSend a newsletter
email trackingView the necessary statistic

Atomic Email Tracker is an online service for monitoring the effectiveness of the email campaigns. Using it, you’ll always know which subscribers actually read your newsletters and which links they click.

The service is very easy to use, if used together with Atomic Mail Sender. It does not require any additional settings from you or changes in the existing mailings. Atomic Mail Sender does all the settings automatically when sending mail.

To get started, register in the system. Registration will take you not more than 2 minutes. Starting from the next newsletter you will know a lot more.

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