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Atomic Email Tracker

Web-based email tracking service for sent email messages.

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Monitor your campaigns with Atomic Email Tracking Tool

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Email Message Open-and-Click Rates
Use the email tracker online to view the percentage of recipients who open your messages, learn how often they click the links, and analyze click-tracking behavior.
email address tracker for mailing
Track the Countries and Times the Messages were Opened
Find out the percentage of readers from your own country as well as abroad. Moreover, keep track of detailed statistics on the opening times of the newsletter on the control panel such as the days of the week and the time of day when readers read the email messages.
Compare Email Campaigns
Visualize the comparison of your email campaigns with this email tracker tool. One of the criteria for measuring the effectiveness of each campaign is determining the number of read and linked messages (all and unique).

Why Atomic Email Tracker is the best solution


Tracks the total number
of subscribers

All sent campaigns are provided with statistics while including the total number of sent, opened, and linked email letters simultaneously.


Tracks subscribers
by countries

It makes it possible to view the percentage of readers from your own country as well as abroad.


Records the elapsed
reading time

You will be able to see detailed reading time statistics on the control panel when using this email tracker online.


Evaluate response dynamics

You will be able to examine the responses in detail depending on the month, day of the week, or time of day.


Compare the effectiveness
of different campaigns

Compare the various parameters of any two sets of mailings.



Our service can create and send regular reports or RSS statistics reports to your mailbox.

How to Start the Email Tracking Process

Open Atomic automatic emailer and create a message for a campaign
From the menu, choose “Service – Atomic Email Tracker”
Enter your email address, password, and campaign name
Send a newsletter
View the necessary statistic

Atomic Tracker is an online service for monitoring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. When you use it, you’ll have the opportunity to find out which subscribers actually read your newsletters and which links they click.

Atomic email tracking service is very easy to use especially if you plan to use it together with Atomic Mail Sender. It does not require any additional settings from you or changes in the existing mailings. Email sender does all the settings automatically when sending an advertising campaign. Would you like to find out all the benefits of free email tracking? To get started, just. Registration won’t take more than two minutes to do. You will start to know a lot more starting from the next newsletter.

Reasons Why Our Customers Like to
Use Atomic Email Tracker

This is a super great software. I love it.
Maks Polyakov
Email marketer
Great software! Great script Tracker! Amazing work, really! ... Keep the awesome work!
Svetlana Vlasova
Digital marketer
I like to find a best email blaster software for corp newsletter
Yael Serdiuk
Email marketing manager

Subscription Plans

Get 2 free months for only
Simply register and try the free demo version

Atomic Email Tracking System — Main Features


Each time you send out an email campaign, you will need to track all the messages that you have sent. You might ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who has received your newsletters?

Our opened email tracker tool will give you all the detailed information that you need. You will be able to see the rate which reflects the percentage of all opened emails.

  • Who has read them?

When and where have they been read? Atomic email tracker online can show you the date and time when the newsletters were opened. It can also give you the information about the devices that were used for reading these email messages.

  • What were the links that have been clicked?

Our service can show you the click-through rate (which is the ratio between the clicks and all the links that has been sent).

  • How effective is the current campaign compared to the previous campaign?

Atomic email tracking service will allow you to compare and analyze the results of two or more campaigns sent out at different time frames.

The answer to these questions (as well as other questions) can be sent to you through email tracking and other specialized dedicated tools developed for this specific purpose. One of these tools is Atomic Email Tracker.

How Atomic Email Address Tracker Can Help Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The system traces all newsletters that have been sent and collects all the statistics about your email campaigns. The tool will integrate with your project seamlessly. You will be able to easily connect Atomic Tracker to any mass mailing program. Additionally, the tool is so user-friendly that working with it will be very easy.

Access data on opened emails, click-throughs, pages visited, and much, much more. Defining who to communicate with as well as where and when to send the mass emails is the key to effective email campaigning.
Thus, you will be able to track the success of your newsletter as well as analyze and correct all the mistakes that were made. Our email tracker tool is indispensable for every mass email marketer! You plug-in and get started straight away—no specific technical knowledge or additional effort is required!

Experiencing technical issues?
Contact our customer support to quickly resolve issues as well as experience excellent customer service.

In case you’re wondering…

What is Atomic Email Tracker?

It is an online email tracing service for monitoring the effectiveness of email campaigns. When you use it, you’ll always know which subscribers have already read your newsletters and which links they have clicked. This service is very easy to use especially if you are planning to use it together with Atomic Mail Sender. It does not require any additional settings or changes in the existing mailings. Email sender adjusts all the settings automatically whenever it sends out a campaign.

How to check the impact of the several mailings in Atomic Email Tracker?

You can check the effectiveness of your every mailing using different parameters. The easiest way to compare your mailings is to use graphic visualization which will help you to see all rates clearly. The most important rates to understand the impact of your mailing are open rate and CTR(including both all and unique links)

How to check my mailing results in Atomic Email Tracker?

You can control all results of your mailings in your personal cabinet. You can also integrate Tracker with our mass mailings services, such as Atomic Email Sender or Atomic Email Studio.

To do that, go to “Service/Atomic Email Tracker” button and choose “I want to track mailing” and write down its name. To get stats in another program you need to put in a unique tracking code into every email.

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