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7 Ways to Monetize Your Email List

Your mailing list can be a regular text file that consists of separate entries with a standard structure. But your list is also a mechanism that allows you to send messages to a specific group of subscribers retain them or remarket.

If you have a great email list with engaged, reactive, and responsive subscribers, this means you still have many beneficial options for your business growth. You may further monetize it to present your products to subscribers. Let’s check some ways how to make money with email list.

How to start earning with your email list.

There may be at least seven ways of how to build email list for the creators to start making more from their lists that may include:

  • Publishing a paid newsletter by email,
  • Electronic course release,
  • Using email to promote products,
  • Acceptance of email advertising and sponsorship,
  • Encourage affiliates to share links or refer customers,
  • Create better offers with exclusive discounts.

Of course, email list monetization will take time to see the impact of these tactics on the business, but it’s worth it. In addition, unlike Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads, you don’t need to invest in getting started, and it’s all profit once you get started.

Create better offers with exclusive discounts

To earn money, actively offer customers in email newsletters product sales and promotions with exclusive discounts that may complement the products already purchased. You can also invite to purchase more advanced and perfect (and, therefore, more expensive) product models, etc.

first way to monetize email list

Use affiliate marketing

A company may sponsor an email newsletter or series of emails about a topic relevant to their industry or provide you with a backlink to their website or product.

You may also dedicate an entire email to talking about how useful another business’s product is or how it has improved your life, or how to make money with emails as you’re really keen on that.

Using email, your customers can send their affiliate links directly to their friends’ inboxes. What’s more, your followers can share links now with a friend who may be more likely to convert than regular online followers:

second way to monetize email list

Affiliate-targeted emails help creators monetize your listing (albeit indirectly) by driving your business to sales of email subscribers.

Sell your own product

Once you have a lot of traffic coming to your website or blog, after you gather a lot of personal data from your subscribers via well-thought forms, you’ll want to think of a product or service that you can sell to your audience is another way to monetize your list. Lots of bloggers create and sell online courses, because it’s their product, for example.

third way to monetize email list

Information products to may include:

  • electronic books;
  • guides and manuals (for example, secrets and tricks);
  • online courses;
  • consultations or private lessons;
  • seminars or training.

Typically, to successfully sell a product or service, you need to warm up your audience with serial email campaigns.

Send promotions

Promotional emails are useful, as well. Use this email marketing to warm up your customers.

Create a mailing calendar of regular promotions if they may be planned. This will not cause any difficulties if you automate the process using a newsletter service. Creating a newsletter calendar is one of the easiest ways to stay organized and always in the spotlight of your customers. And provide them with your value-added content firsthand.

fourth way to monetize email list

Bring value to customers through email

Monetize newsletter by adding email marketing services like email studio with high-quality automation. It makes the ready-made mailing scripts, where you may add more value to your readers. They will receive notifications about the upcoming news, information about the topic of the speech and the speaker, events, content and so much more in an automated way:

fifth way to monetize email list

In the end you may allow asking for their feedback to prove trust and respect to your subscribers.

Sell Sponsored Emails

Consider placing advertisements via email and sponsorship letters:

sixth way to monetize email list

Email advertising can take any form you wish. It could be just a link, image, ad or short video that a brand asks you to include in your email, or a video that you create on their behalf.

Hence, you may want to only send sponsored emails to specific segments of your audience, or after you’ve built a solid reputation as a trusted creator.

Rent your email list

If you are a cool specialist, and you have so much information that it cannot be contained in one directory, you may allow getting your subscription list for rent on a paid basis. Divide all the material by the number of letters that are allowed to be planned, and be sure if someone uses your contacts, they’re in good hands enough to give the information in measured doses so that the customers have an incentive to continue paying for subscriptions.

Mind that a subscription database is essentially a collection of users’ personal data, and in light of the privacy laws, you are at great risk by violating the confidentiality of such data to make money with emails through the list rent.

Best tips and tricks for increase monetizing your email list

First and foremost, develop your own strategy to help develop customer engagement and make money with newsletters.

Create a sales funnel and think through every step. It will help you attract and develop the needs of your subscribers. A standard funnel consists of 4 stages:

  • attention,
  • interest,
  • desire,
  • action.

Thus, you may apply the AIDA model to approach your email list monetization. But before you start to make money with emails, deal with the following things:

seventh way to monetize email list

Source: HubSpot

Always analyze your subscribers

You need to analyze and refresh all your subscribers regularly. Treat every customer like a VIP. Think of your followers as your close social circle to cross-sell your products. Not everyone subscribes to your mailing lists. Make it clear that you use only active contacts in our campaigns. Check them with Atomic services.

Don’t forget to check abandoned email

It’s extremely important to check out if your sent emails are being received and read. It’s a remarkably effective customer engagement tool. You may also do it with the help of Atomic series services that allow email hunting, email personalization, and check out of your mailing data lists.

Read also about Mailbox Plugin for Atomic Email Hunter to learn its benefits.

Don’t forget to update your email list

You may need to use Atomic Email Extractor to process your email list updates. If you plan your local lead generation campaign, it will do for you to make sure your lists are refreshed and structured as per your campaign goals and so much more.


As you see, there are different ways to monetize email list. Even those who, at first glance, are not entirely keen on advertising in email newsletters may do their best to make money by sending letters. The fact is, email marketing is an attractive communication channel, and you shouldn’t neglect it in favor of such paid ad resources like Instagram, Facebook, or Google, for example.

Use professional email marketing tools like mail trackers to optimize your work with the database lists to increase your promotions odds. We hope you will find great consulting on email list monetization in our post. Comments are welcome!

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