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How to Create a Mailing List: 8 Effective Ways to Grow Your Lists

According to a HubSpot report, the world’s population already had 5.6 billion email addresses registered only by the end of 2019. Can you imagine what’s happening now? For an email marketer, it’s nice to have a vision of how to define the audience to be your target & create an effective mailing list out of this huge amount of possibilities.

So, here are some eight basic ideas about how to build an email list quickly in the right way.

1. Gather contacts from online events

It sometimes happens that corporate companies, especially b2b, use their own websites less or optimization processes, and tend to organize events on separate platforms. They may rent them or whatever. Or they may not yet have/need a landing page of their own due to specific reasons, etc. There, they may collect information on each user & create a subscription mailing list with no problem, as well.

A way for companies that conduct educational events online, in this case, will be a form to enter a learning room.

The participants must leave their contacts; otherwise they will not get what they’ve subscribed to, right? After all, it is to the email address that a unique link comes, which they follow to the webinar room or any other activity of their course.

What else to do:

Collecting emails when registering for a webinar, however, may be better optimized and adjusted to the reality by any company:

  • You may create a user-friendly landing page on a smart platform, for example, on Tilda.

  • Gather data through it all-in-one as if on your web page form

  • The contacts may be forwarded to the email marketer, who is engaged in updating the database and mailing;

  • Your webinar participants will receive letters with useful content and announcements of new events/your product updates that may be of interest to them.

The point is that in this case, the contacts of all participants will automatically go to the Google Spreadsheets document, which saves your time & allows you to grow your email database faster & easier.

Even if you have no budget for a website/don’t quite need any resources on your own, etc., it’s on a free basis and is a more convenient way you may make email lists. You may consider using any similar website constructor you find great for your needs.

Gather contacts

IMPORTANT: If you want to collect emails in this way, there should be an additional item in the registration form with a place for a tick: “I want / agree to receive the newsletter”. Otherwise, you may end up in breach of the GDPR.

2. Optimize your website opt-ins

How to create a mailing list from the start? Simply, if a customer or prospect visits your website, they are somehow interested in what you do. So, don’t miss a chance to take their contacts. Use a great opt-in form here to make it seamless.

This method is especially suitable for SaaS and companies that use email to verify users. There may be a variety of examples of how to get mailing list addresses by requiring an email and password to register. Email marketers of such resources may collect and use the addresses that people themselves enter when registering or logging into the system they want or need to use, etc.

try free button

3. Create landing with forms to pick data

You may create a landing especially for gathering data via your contact form. In turn, you give your audience certain benefits.

When you ask a person to provide any personal data, offer a benefit to the prospect for the email they left behind. This achieves two goals: you get both contacts and consent to send the newsletter. And the client is mentally prepared to receive letters from you in the future.

What to offer:

Lead magnet is something valuable that will solve your client’s problem, for example, e-books, training videos, checklists, templates, manuals on how to grow an email list, etc. Lead magnets for mailing may be:

  • discounts, discount cards, loyalty program;

  • newsletter with information about new products;

  • access to try a paid emailing software for free;

  • access to the useful content;

For example, some sites post only the beginning of the article, and access to the continuation is given in exchange for an email address, etc.

landing with forms

4. Adjust your service for data collection

How else to engage the audience & how to set up an email list automated collection?

In fact, you may also set up your website and the website integration processes etc. So that to gather personal data while users interact with either of its elements. For example, you may offer forms for collecting emails not only when registering in the system, but also while using it or even after.

It is best if this process is automated and occurs seamlessly by using data-driven settings. For example, if your service for unlimited emailing offers integration, after the user is registered, the contacts may immediately be stored into the corresponding campaign.

It also may automatically pull up the data about the subscribers: browser language, location, first name, last name, etc. This way, your email contact base accumulates organically & stores in your website till you pull it out for your next campaign.

5. Ask for testimonials

There is no better way to get new email marketing lists than asking for feedback. The data based on your customers testimonials, is a proven quality piece of information with the verified contacts only. This is also another reason why we should strive to make our customers as loyal as possible.

How to obtain mailing lists? – Easy. People like to express their opinion, and this can be used to collect a base. Don’t limit users by urging them to tell you how cool you are. Ask for an honest opinion and emphasize that any experience will help make the product even better and more convenient for the world.

Quite the opposite, your feedback form should be as short as possible. Ideally, a name and an email – otherwise you will scare away even the most loyal people. Save their time. To further motivate people to leave a review, offer a discount or another bonus. You may also hold a competition with symbolic prizes for the author of the best review or something else. Here, a non-trivial marketing approach will do.

6. Dwell on your blog

There is no way to keep in touch and provide your expertise to your customers without a blog. It is a great way to build a personal relationship. It’s an extra great way to gather the data, as well. There are so many creative ideas on how to build your email list – from leaving comments to filling in questionnaires or other activities.

It’s your blog materials that may be stuffed with a call to action that encourages & engages your readers to sign up for your emails.

So, you are welcome to require your company blog visitors to leave their emails to form a list for ecommerce website or any other business database. Provide them with an opt-out option in case they decide they don’t want their emails included on your mailing lists.

Create a Mailing List

7. Collect data offline

How to increase your mailing list without going digital? Words of mouth still rock, and you may do it offline just as well as online.

Still if the company participates in exhibitions, conferences, and other offline events, has many loyal clients that came before the website or once contacted by phone, etc., then you may collect emails right there. At conferences, people are more willing to share contacts, because they came to make useful contacts.

What to do:

There are several ways to collect a database at an offline event and how to generate email list for your marketing campaigns based on their results:

  • Organize workshops;

  • Organize your product showrooms;

  • Set up collaborations & tradeshows;

  • Run competitions;

  • Ask for filling out a questionnaire;

  • Offer souvenirs or sweets, photos in a bright and non-standard photo-booth;

And in exchange for participating in it, offer to leave an email & promise them to send helpful materials or contact the person if they leave an email for some inquiries.
If your service providers may process some inquiries asap, for example, quickly diagnose some problems on the website, integrate an email sending program or check out product real time during onsite events – this is also an opportunity to collect contacts right away.

8. Use professional email data search

Apply professional email data search software to optimize and speed up your email data search. Form email lists for further marketing campaigns in no time with specialized tools designed by keen email experts.

Search engine optimization updates may threaten to ban the pop-ups on the website, and the rates of contextual advertising may turn too high. Not mentioning a landing page design, which all provides great opportunities to use forms & gather data. So, one has to recall the classic methods of promotion and use something more specific. And we also have such software at hand.

Tools for automated search for thematic email addresses to create a verified base with only liquid contacts may be a way out in a variety of situations. Many marketers resort to their assistance while working with their email lists. How do they work?

An email list creation tutorial

The tool also supports data search by a keyword parameter in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. A simple example will be: you sell equipment for restaurants, enter the query “restaurants”. You will receive numerous search results of your potential buyers in no time. The program will automatically crawl all sites from the results, load and analyze pages, extract email addresses and phone numbers if needed, along with the names of their owners.Unlike some online services, the program may not have any limit on the number of results, which makes it even more convenient to apply in multiple search sessions.

Depending on their configurations and capacities, they may be aimed at phone number search, email address parsing. Some of them allow you to extract contacts from such systems as Skype, from popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter, and others. They may be especially useful to a marketer at the eleventh hour.

If you seek for a reliable email parser on the web to collect leads from websites and social media pages, you are welcome. Here you can read about how to work with our parser.

reliable email parser

Atomic Email Hunter interface

You may choose any brand new software that leverages all the modern search tools available to your audience. With such programs you will collect all possible contacts of your clients – email addresses, phone numbers, links on a page in social networks, etc. In the future, you will be able to use them anywhere depending on your current marketing goals. Apply your data both in email newsletters and in cold mailings or even more.

You may easily familiarize with any product like this on the official manufacturers’ websites or trusted reviewers and choose the one that fits your marketing goals best of all. As far as our product is concerned, it will save you a lot of time – after all, we have already done a great job developing it for almost twenty years, and we still do our best to improve it.

Download the program right now and enjoy all features for free.


Email marketing is known to be a high-impact, and rather low-cost way of delivering your various marketing messages daily in order to current your both regular and potential customers and prospects. And of course, if you have a great emailing list.

How to get free email address list is still a controversy. Meaning that it’s not recommended to steal it or buy it from anyone. It’s always effective to build it from scratch based on your marketing activities and the ways to grow your email lists you apply there. Now you know at least six most basic of them. If you need more help on how to build email list from scratch, feel free to use our expert help in email marketing.

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