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Bulk email sending is widely used by email marketers as a method of constant communication with potential and existing customers. Mass emailing allows you to spread information about your products or services to a large audience in a short period of time.

Atomic Mail Sender is a professional, high-performance mass emailing software for your email marketing campaigns. It enables you to create and send numerous electronic messages to an unlimited number of recipients.

Using this Atomic Mail Scheduler you can send HTML emails to an unlimited number of addresses. The program for sending emails to email works in multi-threaded mode, which provides high-speed sending. Even with the slow connection, you can send hundreds of messages in just a minute with our software for emails. Before blasting your entire email list you should validate it first with the Email Checker tool. Otherwise, many of your emails could land up as spam.

Main Features of Using Bulk Mailing Software

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Email delivery Into «Inbox»

With its many features, such as personalization, the use of spin-text, unsubscribe links and social networking widgets, your mass-mailing is more likely to fall into the recipient’s «Inbox».

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High Sending Speed

The program sends emails quickly at any speed, depending on your SMTP server. Moreover, you can add an unlimited number of SMTP servers for even faster delivery!

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Unlimited Mailing Lists

Email sender does not limit the number of recipients per mailing. This is a great advantage as there may be hundreds of thousands of prospects and customers to send to. Simply create your newsletter and send bulk emails free!

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Unsubscribe Wizard

Every bulk email program has an integrated unsubscribe wizard. But our Email marketing software wizard lets you remove unsubscribers in multiple ways – by uploading a file with email addresses, by connecting to your email server, or with your very own unsubscribe form.

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Automatic Delete Bounces

A bounce is a returned message sent by the recipient’s server saying that the requested email address is unavailable or does not exist. This software’s email sender will delete those addresses from your mailing lists automatically.

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Built-in Spam Checker

Do you want to know if your email is likely to be delivered to the «spam» folder? Use the built-in spam checker, powered by SpamAssassin. It analyzes your email and gives you a spam score. The lower the score, the better the chance of your email getting to the inbox.

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Why Should You Try Atomic Mail Sender?

Our newsletter software is the best among the rest of mass email marketing software because of its indisputable benefits:

  • Mass email program runs in multithread mode, supporting high-speed work. That’s why even with low-speed connections, several hundred email messages can be sent in just a minute.
  • The number of email addresses does not matter — we have lots of clients with regular mailings of 50,000 to 100,000, and even more than 200,000 addresses.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of recipients — this is one of the key features of our mass email software.
  • Modernize your email campaigns – create and send personalized marketing newsletters with bulk emailing software. But, be careful: sending a high number of emails can cause them to be marked as spam.

Sending Bulk Emails is as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Run the software and create an email for your campaigncreate bulk emai
  2. You can use simple plain-text or colorful HTML-templatescreate html email
  3. Add the recipients or import mailing list in a more preferable waybulk email recipients


After you learn how to send bulk emails, your clients will be more informed, which instills loyalty. Follow the best mass emailing practices to ensure your messages reach your recipients. Since our email blast program was created to distribute emails, you need an SMTP server to send your mail. Our email sending software supports an unlimited number of SMTP servers and has flexible settings that help your messages get delivered.

The Atomic Mail Sender is exactly the kind of software I need to help me get the word out to thousands of people on a daily basis about my business opportunities. It’s very simple and easy to use, and I know my online efforts will grow by leaps and bounds by using it. I’d recommend it to anyone that’s serious about obtaining the kind of success in their business endeavors they’re looking to achieve. Read more »
Charles McDuffie
This is my personal experience with Atomic Emailer....all I can say is WOW! This software rocks! Compared to some of the other software out there like PB Emailer, there is no comparison and the ease of use and GUI interface is fantastic. Get this software and have your mails delivered... Read more »
Ralph Merah
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