How to send free bulk email

By the search “free bulk emails” you can find tons of services that offer such mailings. In fact, they’re not free at all. Let’s see how it works and what is the difference between online services and software.

Are there any “free” mailings? What's better - SaaS solutions or desk software?

Every service for bulk emails offers a limited number of emails (2000-10000 per month) which can be used for free. Also, there are limits for users who can receive your emails for free.

So, service is a nice choice, if you have:

  • a small clients base (a maximum of several thousand contacts);
  • a low marketing activity (send newsletters 1-3 times a month);
  • an acceptance from receivers to receive your emails.

The last option is the most important, because you can start mailing without accepting it.

So how do the mailing programs work?

You pay once and then send out an unlimited number of emails for an unlimited amount of time. It is a great offer because such software doesn’t cost big money. You can verify this by reviewing our rates.

You should choose software if:

  • you have big clients base;
  • you use mass mailing often;
  • you do not plan to use complex email chains;
  • you do not have customer consent to receive emails from your company.

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