Bulk emails are an early form of social engagement, and now they are on the rise. If you want to reach hundreds of potential customers in the least time possible, it’s a good idea to use them.

What is Bulk Email?

Bulk email is advertisement or marketing message that is sent repeatedly. The message is sent as a mass mailing to huge numbers of recipients at one time. The senders of bulk emails are mostly companies and organizations.

Types of bulk emails:

  • newsletters;
  • news bulletins;
  • notifications;
  • mailing list discussions;
  • email marketing promotions;
  • periodic or scheduled subscriber publications, etc.

There are two types of bulk emails in email marketing:

  1. Legitimate Bulk Email. The distinctive features are:
    • Ask recipients whether they want to receive emails.
    • Has unsubscribe information inside the email.
    • The name of the sender is clearly displayed.
    • The information is constantly updated.
  2. Unsolicited Bulk Email. The distinctive features are:
    • Recipients didn’t agree to receive messages.
    • There is no «unsubscribe» button.
    • Isn’t personalized.
    • The email list is hardly ever updated.

Some subscribers signed up to receive such messages, but others consider them to be spam. For example, some subscribers want to receive advertising messages from the company or its invitations to conferences, but other subscribers think that these emails are spam.

Tips to Avoid Spamming People by Sending Them Bulk Emails:

  • Create your own list of email addresses. Don’t be tempted to buy a list because it likely won’t include addresses of your target audience. Subscribers won’t be interested in your emails and you will not build a good reputation in such a way.
  • Use a reputable email system. If you send too many emails at once, the qualitative email system will freeze you out. Such features protect subscribers from receiving spam.
  • Use double opt-in permission marketing. The subscriber confirms their subscription by replying to an email.
  • Be reliable. You should make subscribers data confidential, and don’t sell it to another company.
  • Keep the language simple so that your clients will understand the information you want to convey.
  • Create a call to action.
  • Create an «unsubscribe»

In conclusion, we want to say that bulk email is more than just spam, if you define it correctly, seek permission and provide value. Moreover, this is a great way to communicate with your potential customers, and that’s where Atomic Mail Sender can help you out. Download it now and try bulk email marketing for yourself!

If you want to know what is bulk email and what it can do for your business – you are welcome to contact our customer support.


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