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email campaign tracking

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How to track email campaign results in Atomic Mail Sender?

Each businessman wants to get the most out of his advertising campaigns. But this demands regularly campaign organization skills improving. The same situation with mass mailing, if you want to reach success — analyze and improve.

Atomic Bulk Email Sender offers you the variety of instruments for tracking the results of the mass email campaign.

  • First of all, check the reports:
Mass mailing Analytics

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In any convenient format, you will receive information about:

  • how many emails have been delivered/ undelivered,
  • how many have been delayed,
  • detailed information about the project itself-subject, sender, campaign name, etc.

The higher delivery rate – the better your campaign is.

Bounce Analytics

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Create a new account, find failed delivery notifications, extract recipients’ addresses and add them to the list of bounced. After checking, the bulk mailer will no longer send emails to them.

  • Email Tracking Service – check who opens your emails and what links are clicked. To do this you have to register in the service. After that, go back to Atomic Mail Sender and find Email Tracker in the top right corner of the toolbar:
    Email analytics

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    Then in your account of the integrated service, you’ll know about the percentage of the subscribers who read your newsletter, when and how it was done (Open Rate, Click Rate). Also, you can compare the results of previous bulk email campaigns in a form of easy-to-analyze graphs.

  • You can also track the performance of your bulk emailing using Google Analytics. The server helps to determine the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns by tracking clicks, sales, and conversions.
    How to activate:

    Email campaign statistics

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  • In the “Service” menu find “Google Analytics”,
  • Click “I use GA”,
  • Fill in the gaps and start tracking.

The information will help you understand the weak parts of your newsletters and improve them.

Plan, send and improve your email marketing with us.

Atomic Email Sender is the best solution for mass emailing advertising campaigns, isn’t it?

I have Demo of several different bulk e-mail senders, and Atomic Mail Sender was by far the easiest to use. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an efficient bulk e-mail sender. Read more »
Mike S
I have looked at about 15 mass mailing products... there are many feature sets.. If I may, I'd like to say that you product flows very nicely.. One thing that I have seen in some other products is the capability to embed back ground sounds in the email/ newsletter... Read more »
Jerry Woods
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