Email Marketing Software

GDPR compliant
Windows 7-10 compactible
Recommended on Trustpilot
No malware

A comprehensive solution for warming up leads

From cold email base to paying customers in 1 day
This program will perfectly suit the needs of small businesses, agencies and coachers to get in tougch with their potential clients.
Best parsing software
Extracts email addresses with usernames from webpages
  • makes search by the key phrase related to your business or target audience;
  • gets email address from Facebook pages, as well as from mailbox, Twitter or Yelp;
  • ignores hidden emails to keep you from being blacklisted.
Make your communication with people even more effective
  • searches for phone numbers on webwide;
  • extracts information from sites that require authentication;
  • does not require a proxy to connect to the Internet;
  • works with 39 search engines.
Automate the process of parsing the WHOIS database
Checking thousands of domain names and extracting emails, names, website registration and expiry dates, along with other available information.
Extract Emails from Word, Excel, PDF, and Other Files on Your Hard Drive
  • doesn’t require an Internet connection;
  • makes search through popular email clients like The Bat, Eudora, Outlook Express, Outlook, Incredimail etc;
  • has built-in features for managing the mailing list.
Get the fastest way to improve email list deliverability
  • Identification of wrong email formats;
  • Accurate status of every single email domain;
  • Test email address for bounce;
  • Report whether email active or not;
  • Saves you from paying extra charges for the bulk email service.
Possess a fresh, high-quality and unique mailing list.
  • up to 19 different operations in managing your mailing lists like sorting, removing duplicates, splitting and merging lists, adding names, repairing damaged emails etc;
  • can process an unlimited amount of data;
  • automatic «junk» addresses correction.
Simple desktop tool for bulk email sending
  • connect any no-abuse SMTP server to send email campaigns with no limits;
  • pass spam filters easily with Spin text function and built-in spam checker;
  • upload Unlimited Email Address List;
  • grants safe communication through the Internet with SSL/TLS;
  • use variety of email templates for different cases for free.
Monitor your email campaigns
  • detailed statistics (such as CTR, number of recipients who read newsletter and how often, clicked links, etc);
  • numerous graphical reports for unlimited number of email campaigns;
  • can be integrated with any mass mailer.