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Atomic Email Hunter

AtomicEmailHunter The email finder looks for electronic mail addresses on the specified websites. With a professional set of search engine settings, built-in plugins and filters of the Atomic Email Hunter in several minutes you can collect the potential customers’ emails from any website, social network (Facebook and Twitter) or even from your personal email account. All that you need to start is to specify the website URL or use keywords specific to your business.

Atomic Lead Extractor

logo_lead_extractor This tool is designed to search and extract email addresses, phone and fax numbers, as well as Skype, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and ICQ Ids. The variety of program configurations and plugins will help you to create your own targeted contact list easy and fast. Atomic Lead Extractor is a perfect solution for those who want to create personalized letters and messages and also be able to phone its prospects.

Atomic Email Logger

AtomicEmailLogger Have you ever thought about the number of emails stored on your PC in program files, browser, documents, etc? Don’t let them go unused! Atomic Email Logger, fast and easy-to-use email searcher tool, in a moment, will help you to find and save this info in a form of the special list. You'd be surprised how many useful contacts are hidden on your computer!

Atomic Whois Explorer

awe This email harvesting software extracts email addresses and other contact data, including phone and fax numbers, expiration dates and addresses of domain name administrators and/or owners. It’s easy to save and export the results of the search into *.txt or *.csv files, or into MS Office.

Atomic Products

Atomic Email Studio

logo_studio This all-in-one software extracts email addresses from websites, hard drives, email clients, newsgroups, CD/DVD disks and browser caches. It verifies and manages your mailing lists in addition to enabling you to create and send professional-looking newsletters. Check out all that’s built into Atomic Email Studio at the link above!

Atomic Mail Sender

ams-vista Atomic Mail Sender not only sends opt-in bulk mailings, but it also controls and checks your email campaigns’ effectiveness. It provides such data as Who opens your letters, clicks links or visits your website, as well as When and Where

Email Service

It is online service for sending mass mailings. Atomic Email Service allows you to create, send and track delivery of your messages. The convenient service that doesn’t require any technical knowledge, programs for distributing or SMTP server - just register, upload a mailing list from a file and send messages to all your recipients.

SMTP Server

Qualitative SMTP-server for sending email-newsletters gives the ability to send messages to your mailing lists through any program or service. The high level of delivery in the «Inbox», the sending rate to 3750 emails per hour and customization - it's just some of the benefits of our SMTP service.

Atomic SMS

box_sms_mini A software for Windows designed to provide mobile marketing sending bulk text messages (SMS) from your PC or laptop desktop just using your internet connection.

Atomic Products

Atomic Mail Verifier

AMV_VistaIcon This program helps you keep your mailing lists active and organized. All the addresses are checked and the non-existing ones are removed. If you want to save your time and money, use Atomic Mail Verifier before you send your mass mails!

Atomic List Manager

box_list_manager_en_mini With Atomic List Manager you can split (or merge) email lists, sort, delete duplicates, and also personalize your lists.

Email Autoresponder

AtomicAutoresponder_256 Atomic Email Autoresponder is powerful software that automatically responds to incoming messages. It’s possible to prepare outgoing messages (that are triggered by incoming emails), schedule responses, send files in response to email requests, and do much more. It can also send sequential automatic responses that will keep your prospects updated.