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Windows 7-10 compatible
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A comprehensive solution for warming up leads

From cold email base to paying customers in 1 day
This program will perfectly suit the needs of small businesses, agencies and coachers to get in tougch with their potential clients.
Best parsing software
Extracts email addresses with usernames from webpages
  • makes search by the key phrase related to your business or target audience;
  • gets email address from Facebook pages, as well as from mailbox, Twitter or Yelp;
  • ignores hidden emails to keep you from being blacklisted.
BUY for $89.90
Make your communication with people even more effective
  • searches for phone numbers on webwide;
  • extracts information from sites that require authentication;
  • does not require a proxy to connect to the Internet;
  • works with 39 search engines.
BUY for $59.90
Automate the process of parsing the WHOIS database
Checking thousands of domain names and extracting emails, names, website registration and expiry dates, along with other available information.
BUY for $49.85
Extract Emails from Word, Excel, PDF, and Other Files on Your Hard Drive
  • doesn’t require an Internet connection;
  • makes search through popular email clients like The Bat, Eudora, Outlook Express, Outlook, Incredimail etc;
  • has built-in features for managing the mailing list.
BUY for $39.85
Get the fastest way to improve email list deliverability
  • Identification of wrong email formats;
  • Accurate status of every single email domain;
  • Test email address for bounce;
  • Report whether email active or not;
  • Saves you from paying extra charges for the bulk email service.
BUY for $69.85
Possess a fresh, high-quality and unique mailing list.
  • up to 19 different operations in managing your mailing lists like sorting, removing duplicates, splitting and merging lists, adding names, repairing damaged emails etc;
  • can process an unlimited amount of data;
  • automatic «junk» addresses correction.
BUY for $39.85
Simple desktop tool for bulk email sending
  • connect any no-abuse SMTP server to send email campaigns with no limits;
  • pass spam filters easily with Spin text function and built-in spam checker;
  • upload Unlimited Email Address List;
  • grants safe communication through the Internet with SSL/TLS;
  • use variety of email templates for different cases for free.
BUY for $89.90
Monitor your email campaigns
  • detailed statistics (such as CTR, number of recipients who read newsletter and how often, clicked links, etc);
  • numerous graphical reports for unlimited number of email campaigns;
  • can be integrated with any mass mailer.

Best Software for Emails

The best quality software for emails does not contain restrictions on the number of email addresses in uploaded lists, has no issues with correctly recognizing columns with data for personalization (first name, last name, position) and so much more. That’s great bulk email marketing solutions designed for everyone: from a beginning email marketer to professional businessmen.

When you pick the top newsletter software, you’re sure to get the greatest email marketing opportunities. Email marketing today is so effective and profitable for a reason, there are a number of objective benefits. If you choose Atomic products, you’re twice a winner. Why?

“Communication with customers is the most important and interesting benefit of email marketing.”

Your brand awareness, reputation and profits depend entirely on your ability to build relationships with customers. This aspect includes various factors, for example:

  • can you correctly understand the needs and preferences of customers;
  • will you be able to provide customers with useful and interesting content, product, service;
  • are you ready to take into account customer feedback on your work and use them to optimize your activities;
  • do you know the optimal time to communicate with clients, etc?

Atomic Email Sender & other solutions for email optimization provide you with the answers to all marketing questions that arise during building your marketing strategy. And the email marketing software for free is an awesome tool to improve it.

Popular features of Atompark’s business email marketing solutions

AtomPark as a bulk email management software enables you to produce outstanding and attractive email campaigns. It has features for bulk email marketing campaigns, parsing or email extraction, and an email validity checker.

AtomPark’s bulk-email campaigns for small business are powered by a spam checker. It will prevent your emails from ending up in the spam folder before even getting into your client’s mailbox.

It’s great that the feature allows you to automatically delete bounced emails, which increases your preliminary campaign quality. The platform also is a great automated email marketing software for ecommerce, where there is an increased necessity of mass mailings, automated notifications, promotions, and sales, etc.

Atomic email solution offers an email extraction feature that is aimed at that working either to extract email addresses from any source: specific website, social network or mailbox or by use keywords on multiple sites to filter out the emails.

What’s more Atom Park allows using tools to mass mail and schedule emails, as well as let users check the validity of email addresses using three stages of verification to guarantee safety & reliability.

Getting started with a small business takes time and effort. Atomic email marketing is easy and doesn't take a lot of effort. It does not require any special education or skills. As a rule, email services provide the necessary help even for a newbie.

What’s also essential is low service costs and the availability of free trials to test mass email management software and find what’s best.

You do not need to spend large sums of money on advertising. This money can be spent more wisely. For example, on automated mass email marketing software for ecommerce powered by AtomPark.

Take part in conferences where you can learn from other people's experiences, find new leads and build your brand awareness. Use email marketing to back up your projects. Email marketing is inexpensive, and many of our services have free plans. All features needed for effective email marketing are also available in a full atomic email paid package with a set of useful mailing tools.

Segmentation & personalization are among them. These 2 methods are so effective for a starter. They make email marketing more enjoyable for customers and more profitable for you. Thanks to them, emails can be personalized and segmented, even though you are creating a bulk email for mass distribution.

Due to these features you will create an address book based on the preferences of your target audience and offer the right products to each subscriber. This way you boost your sales and improve your business quality and reputation.

Customer testimonials are an essential element of email marketing. With our solutions, it is also easier to approach your customers to leave a review on your business/product/service. After prompt emails, they will be more willing & happy to do it, and you will find out how you can improve your work. Moreover, such reviews encourage people to use your services.

How to choose the right email marketing software

Marketers, who plan to incorporate effective mailing tools into their marketing strategy, should get a checklist for choosing the best service for their marketing needs. When you search for popular email marketing services compare them based on the following criteria:

  • easy registration;
  • friendly interface;
  • free plan trial
  • templates & simple editor;
  • variety of features;
  • speed of sending/receiving mailings;
  • robust support;
  • availability of manuals/ document base and clear terms of usage, etc.

Need some help? – We will assist with choosing the top email marketing solution.

It’s recommended to approach sending a newsletter or the process of working on the mailing list step by step, when you select the address book, the address and the name of the sender, indicate the subject of the mailing. In this step, you may also add personalization options, etc.

You also select the content of the letter or choose the template created earlier. Setting up the mailing list is easy: unsubscribe page, statistics collection, and category. So, you look at the mailing list and select the sending parameters - immediately or at the scheduled time. You may also re-send by unread or send a test letter.

There are many important features to seek while choosing the right mailing service for your needs. These basic email & SMS service search criteria will help you find the best choice for our business needs fast and cheap. Remember that your achievements in email marketing depend only on you.

Be creative and original without additional costs with the help of Atomic email marketing solutions.