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Atomic Who Is Features

All types of domains
Atomic WHOIS Email Explore can work with all types of domains – not just popular domain suffixes like .com, .net or .org. Every kind of geographical and commercial zone is supported by the software. It can also work with international domain names. Read more about the features of this tool.
Extra data search
In addition to standart data, like a website owner’s email address, a user will get additional information, such as the owner’s name, phone and fax numbers, country, address(es), and–at the end of the search process–domain registration and expiry dates.

The Atomic WHOIS Explorer's a must-have for:

Digital Marketer

keeping your customers and prospective users up-to-date with your latest promotions and deals, extracting contact lists from the WHOIS database for new interactions


scanning the WHOIS network for targeted contacts, involving automatic searches to improve professional communication with potential visitors for own businesses

Sales Marketer

finding trusted contacts, including such WHOIS servers, and more, from the WHOIS database for more personalized buy-and-sell marketing strategies

After the extraction finishes, the program will offer to save the results. These can be exported into *.txt or *.csv files, or into MS Office (Word, Excel). Using filter settings, you can specify data that should be saved.

How to extract email from domain in 4 steps

Open the program
Copy the list of domains you are interested in and paste them into the software
Click «Start all»
Save the results
try a free 7 days
And Get a Bonus «How to make cold mailing effective»

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Atomic WHOIS Explorer Video

It’s fast, easy-to-use emailing software that doesn’t require an Internet connection.

Atomic WHOIS email extractor is perfect, if you’re from:

Financial Service

get the latest contact information through this bulk WHOIS email extractor for engaging with new audiences, managing leads, and pursuing short-term and long-term financial business inquiries


this WHOIS scraper lets you get access to more details of prospective customers to strengthen and personalize your marketing strategy and discover contact information to deal with potential partners


make your eCommerce interactions proactive by establishing valuable connections with targeted email lists — search for the right contacts of the WHOIS network in a few clicks


utilize the WHOIS scraper tools to get extensive domain details, including registration and expiration dates, to establish the best strategy for your affiliate sales and advertising approaches

How to install Whois Explorer on MacOS Intel or Apple M1 Take a look
How to install Whois  Explorer on MacOS

Why Atomic Whois Explorer

I just tried demo. It's Excellent. Great speed to fetch the data. The most imp. is company's tech support. Solved my all queries on time. Will surely buy Thanks
Colin Miller
Senior SEO-consultant
I was looking for whois data explorer and I found the easiest and the fastest tool here within Atomic software. Nice tool in nice budget.
Sophie Carter
One of the best and most useful tools. 100s of hours of work was done in minutes. A real time saver and a great step towards creativity. I was looking to develop something similar, but when I found Atomic Whois Explorer, the smoothness and easy of use of the tool just caught me. Amazing tool guys. Thank you.
whois scraper
Dmitriy Bondarev
Senior marketer

Latest update will make your work even easier

Atomic Whois Explorer 9.12
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Fixed display of contact information in the corresponding fields
  • Updating archives
  • Optimization of the program installer
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You might be wondering

What types of domains can program search?

Atomic WHOIS Email Explorer can collect and extract domain list from search engines and work with all types of domains – not just popular domain suffixes like .com, .net or .org. Every kind of geographical and commercial zone is supported by the software. It can also work with international domain names. To find out more information about software read Atomic Whois Explorer Manual.

How to extract email from domain?

  1. Open the program.
  2. Open the list of domains you are interested in, copy them to the clipboard, and paste them into the software.
  3. Click «Start all».
  4. At the end of the search process, the program will prompt you to save the results.

Why should I try WHOIS Email Explorer?

The Whois Scraper was developed to extract email addresses from the WHOIS database, which is the publicly available database of owners of domain names. Our software will help you get contact information for future marketing campaigns easily and efficiently.

Our domain name extractor works in multithread mode, so the search process is greatly accelerated. It will take just a few minutes to get a list of new addresses. Don’t forget to verify emails with email checker online to decrease your bounce rate.