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Atomic WHOIS Explorer Overview

Extract domain owners’ email addresses

If you want to collect the email addresses of website owners, you can rerieve them from the WHOIS database. Our software will help you automate the process, checking thousands of domain names and extracting emails, names, website registration and expiry dates, and other available information.

Main Features


All types of domains

Atomic WHOIS Explorer can work with all types of domains – not just popular domain suffixes like .com, .net or .org. Every kind of geographical and commercial zone is supported by the software. It can also work with international domain names.

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Extra data search

In addition to standart data, like a website owner’s email address, a user will get additional information, such as the owners name, phone and fax numbers, country, addresses, and domain registration and expiry dates at the end of the search process.

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After the extraction finishes, the program will offer to save the results. These can be exported into *txt or *csv files, or MS Office (Word, Excel). Using filter settings, a user can  specify data that should be saved.

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Atomic WHOIS Explorer Video

How to start with Atomic WHOIS Explorer

1 Open the program.
2 Open the list of domains you are interested in, copy them to the clipboard, and paste them into the software.
3 Click “Start all”.
4 At the end of the search process, the program will prompt you to save the results.

Atomic WHOIS Explorer

This product was developed to extract email addresses from the WHOIS database, which is the publicly available database of owners of domain names. Our software will help you get contact information for future marketing campaigns eaily and efficiently.

Atomic WHOIS Explorer works in multithread mode, so  the search process is greatly accelerated. In will take just a few minutes to get a list of new addresses.

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Extract personal data of the website owners and managers using WHOIS database.
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