Atomic Whois Explorer Manual

The specialists at AtomPark Software Inc. welcome you! We hope that the information in this Whois scraper manual will help you to use the program and to extract the e-mail addresses from the Internet, working with the target mailing list you have got.

The program also supports Windows 8/10/11 and Windows XP and Vista

For smooth operation, we recommend running the program with administrator rights.

Type Code:

  • Bold — interface elements.
  • Italic — the desciption of the additional options.
  • Note: — additional important information.
  • /downloads/ or save — use the link.
  • It’s important! — warnings.

How to search for information in the manual

You can search the manual for information by keyword. Use the “Search” pane for this purpose. It works as follows:

  • In the “Search” pane, enter a keyword in the search field and you will view a list of sections in the manual containing that keyword.