Bulk Mailers for unlimited email campaigns

Generate and send bulk mailings using personalized, unlimited, mailing lists and with preliminary spam checks. Sent email campaigns can be tracked (as well as monitored) with the help of the statistics that are gathered. Unsubscribers will be automatically removed.
Simple desktop tool for bulk email sending
  • connect any no-abuse SMTP server to send email campaigns with no limits
  • pass spam filters easily with Spin text function and built-in spam checker;
  • upload Unlimited Email Address List
  • grants safe communication through the Internet with SSL/TLS
  • use variety of email templates for different cases for free
From cold email base to paying customers in 1 day
This program will perfectly suit the needs of small businesses, agencies and coachers to get in tougch with their potential clients
Monitor your email campaigns
  • detailed statistics (such as CTR, number of recipients who read newsletter and how often, clicked links, etc);
  • numerous graphical reports for unlimited number of email campaigns;
  • can be integrated with any mass emailer.