Bulk Mailers for unlimited email campaigns

Generate and send bulk mailings using personalized, unlimited, mailing lists and with preliminary spam checks. Sent email campaigns can be tracked (as well as monitored) with the help of the statistics that are gathered. Unsubscribers will be automatically removed.
Simple desktop tool for bulk email sending
  • connect any no-abuse SMTP server to send email campaigns with no limits
  • pass spam filters easily with Spin text function and built-in spam checker;
  • upload Unlimited Email Address List
  • grants safe communication through the Internet with SSL/TLS
  • use variety of email templates for different cases for free
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From cold email base to paying customers in 1 day
This program will perfectly suit the needs of small businesses, agencies and coachers to get in tougch with their potential clients
Monitor your email campaigns
  • detailed statistics (such as CTR, number of recipients who read newsletter and how often, clicked links, etc.);
  • numerous graphical reports for unlimited number of email campaigns;
  • can be integrated with any mass emailer.

Bulk Mailers are known to be great professional software for email marketing if it is not a crack. They provide users with limitless opportunities to extend their base & create wonderful mail campaigns that bring true results for the business.

Emailing software is designed simple & effective to deprive users of any extra coding skills or additional tools to send out messages and measure success. It is a universal all-in-one platform for effective work that ensures your marketing effort is fully satisfied.

With top Atomic solutions, the world's most affordable & easy to use online email marketing platform is just at hand. All that you need to do is to load software, register, and start using it to the fullest. Atomic Mail Sender, Atomic Email Studio or Atomic Email Tracker - each & every tool is irreplaceable in processing bulk emailing marketing campaigns.

Choose any simple desktop tools for bulk email sending and extend your email marketing horizons. Experience the top-notch messaging quality which is guaranteed & proven with years of Atomic Software solution development.

With Atomic news letter software you will be able to create amazing targeted messages, manage them and measure the results of messaging campaigns in no time. The process takes a few easy steps:

  • Download the database with email addresses

Add contacts for messaging or hunt for them online if you have no database yet.

  • Create beautiful texts

Use a message constructor or ready-made templates. Add images, text, links, CTAs and any other design elements.

  • Run the automated messaging & track the results

Add bright subject lines, segment your database & specify the recipients. Initiate mailings in a single click. See the campaign results in the detailed reports.

Besides traditional Atomic Software Email Mailers’ features, you may also use extra solutions for your campaigns’ special needs.

  • Apply our tools like software for email blasting.
  • Run A / B tests for your campaigns to find out which letters are the most effective.
  • Apply email forms to improve the quality of your subscription conversion. You may always select a form template and add it to the site.

Segmentation is a must for effective campaigns.

  • Divide subscribers into segments: by geography, activity, age, and other criteria.
  • Use a Personalization option to the fullest. Personalized emails have a higher open rate and serve well for your cold mailing activities & other email marketing expertise.
  • Send unique emails via bulk mailers software to each subscriber and launch anti-spam tests, etc.

Use your best email campaign software to provide effective marketing for small businesses.

No matter what industry you’re engaged in — ecommerce, marketing, sales, digital or offline business, you are welcome to use Bulk Mailers for unlimited email campaigns and your business success. Atomic Mail Sender is a shareware program. Click here to learn more about how it works.