How to extract domain names from Google in Atomic Whois Explorer?

In the menu, “Extract Domains” button will appear. Clicking on it will open a dialog box in which you must specify the following:

  1. Write a keyword or phrase;

  2. Select one of the search operators;

  3. Define search engine (the “More search engines” -> Select the SE).

Then start the scanning process by pressing the Extract domains. When the search is complete, click “Return to the main menu”. Automatic window displays a list of domains, registration date and expiration, as well as owner information.

Atomic Whois Explorer Atomic Whois Explorer v.9.12
Atomic Whois Explorer v.9.12

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How to get domains list for the keyword using search operators?


A keyword must specify the name of the page, and the program will display a list of web pages with a similar topic.


Note there is no space after related: !

In Title

Search by title. The program finds the page in the title of which the keyword is present. If the “keywords” consists of several components, the search is carried out on the title by the first word, and all the rest can be kept anywhere on the page. To organize the extraction of Keyword, better to use the operation all in title.

Example: Extract Emails from Whois intitle:help

Note: There must be no space between the intitle: and the next word.

All in title

Full search by title. Extractor shows page titles that meets all the key phrase in its entire so each keyword you specify will be there in the title of a website. Please use this search operator alone do not combine it with other operators.

Example: allintitle: atompark software


When you use site: operator along with a keyword it searches only on a website you specify. When you do a domain search in WhoIs Explorer it does not make much sense, but it comes in handy for partial search like or site:*

Note you have to enter just * into the search box and tick *site option.

In url

Search link. The program selects only those pages in the URL where the keyword appears.

All in url

Full search of the link. As a result, the query to the list of the extracted pages will only include those that are listed in the address keywords.

In text

Search by content. Used to scan information for the presence of the keyword on the web page text. The program ignores the names of links and headings.

Example: intext: extractor

All in text

Full search by content. It is used to determine the page for key phrases in the text.

Example: allintext: whois owners site

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